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Twin Golden UFOs Light Up the Night Sky

  Did they truly summon UFOs in Florida? An amazing video of twin golden UFOs being summoned by a group out in Vero Beach Fl. and the world was noneRead More >

SecureTeam10 Iranian UFO Video Goes VIRAL!

SecureTeam10: Iranian Forces Engage UFO An anonymous report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is creating a stir amongst urologists. According to the Express UK’s Jon Austin, on January 17thRead More >

Chilean Navy UFO May Have Been Debunked

CHILEAN NAVY UFO DEBUNKED On January 5th the Huffington Post published an amazing video relating a UFO which was released by the Chilean Navy. Without a doubt the video presentedRead More >

Cosmic False Flag Operation Happening Right Now

ER Doctor Is Still Connecting The Dots It goes without saying that Steven Greer has been seen by many as a polarizing figure in the UFO community. However the latestRead More >

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The news desk is a collection of articles from popular sights relating to the UFO Phenomena and weird news from around the world.

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