Cosmic False Flag Operation Happening Right Now

Manny/ November 30, 2016/ From Manny

Steven Greer says we are experiencing a cosmic false flag.

Steven Greer says we are experiencing a cosmic false flag.

ER Doctor Is Still Connecting The Dots

It goes without saying that Steven Greer has been seen by many as a polarizing figure in the UFO community. However the latest video to hit the world of YouTube is a presentation by Steven on the topic of false flag operations of the cosmic kind. Whether you are a fan of Steven Greer or not, there is enough information in the video to get even his staunchest critics hooked.

The former Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial, located in the state of North Carolina, has campaigned for disclosure and free energy for decades. He previously appeared on a Larry King TV special The UFO Coverup and even briefed members of Congress on the UFO phenomena. Steven has consulted with many whistleblowers and public figures like the late astronaut Edger Mitchell throughout with his quest to achieve disclosure. Yet, what Steven Greer refers to as the military–industrial complex appears to continue unhindered by his efforts.

Decades Old UFO False Flag Operation

The false flag YouTube video was uploaded by user HOAX ALIEN ATTACK COMING. In the video Steven Greer takes the audience on a 3-hour dissertation on how a secret faction of the United States government has used advanced manmade spacecrafts like the famed TR3B to run the false flag operation. From military abductions of citizens to using TR3B like ships to provide cover for real alien spacecrafts, the video will take you on a tour of a core conspiracy theory related to the UFO phenomena. Steven Greer makes it very clear in the video that the false flag operation has been in effect since the 1950s.
If you believe that the military-industrial complex is alive and well today, then this is the video for you. The presentation may also be a precursor to the upcoming film Unacknowledged. Steven Greer promises to have a key whistleblower in the film that has stepped forward to disclose top secret details regarding UFO/Alien false flag operations. If the upcoming film is as informative as the YouTube presentation, then we will all be in for a mind-blowing experience.


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