Stephen Bassett Battles The Truth Embargo Waiting on Obama

Manny/ November 18, 2016/ From Manny

Will we have disclosure soon or will Obama fail PRG?

Will we have disclosure soon or will Obama fail PRG?

UFOlogy’s Rocky Balboa Group Continues to Fight to The Bitter End Waiting on Obama

The Paradigm Research Group (PRG) will not go down without a fight. It appears from a press release the organization has received word that those knowledgeable or involved with Extraterrestrials within the military/intelligence community want President Obama to be the source of disclosure (Paradigm Research Group, 2016). It is unclear why Stephen Bassett, America’s only UFO lobbyist, and PRG are betting on Obama. It’s time to get Las Vegas in on this action with some odds. Hope of removing the infamous Truth Embargo has essentially 62-days of life before all is lost.

Will Team Podesta/Clinton Convince Obama to Share The Truth

Disclosure may hinge on Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and John Podesta convincing President Obama that this could be the last great feat of his presidency. The press release from PRG details specific timeless for the event to occur and points out that disclosure after January 6th would not be possible. The clock is ticking away and PRG is losing steam fast. As the Executive Director of PRG, Stephen Bassett has probably been one of the most publicly active figures in the struggle to end the Truth Embargo. It is safe to say that many UFO researchers and enthusiasts will be watching the countdown as America heads into the final days of Obama’s presidency.

Barrack Obama May Not Deliver The Right Stuff

PRG and Stephen Bassett may have other avenues to pursue disclosure from government sources, however there is no greater champion for disclosure than the outgoing President. There is a slight chance that Barack could potentially drop the proverbial mic in his last days in office. Yet, many still wonder to what extent a disclosure event from highest ranking government official will help if the information is not substantial. As we have seen in the past, previous champions in government tend to be uninspiring when confronted and subsequently answering the question of extraterrestrials with little or no substance. The other issue is that the county is in a state of political unrest and disclosure may lead to an accelerated decay of an already complicated situation. From the outside looking in, it appears the Truth Embargo will remain in place for the time being. We may or may not have the truth that PRG and Stephen Bassett want us to have in 62-days or less. Hold on to your seats because this may get interesting really quick.
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