It’s Time for UFOLOGY to Wage a War Against Secrecy

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Roswell Daily Record July 8 1947

Roswell Daily Record July 8 1947

Americans  Handed Over the Truth with Roswell

It is high time that Ufology wages a war against suppression of the truth. People that call themselves enthusiasts or Ufologists can no longer stand idly by while wearing weighted lead boots and attempting to reach the dangling golden carrot of truth. Since the Roswell incident of 1947 American truth seekers have found themselves in a spiraling world of disinformation and cold useless leads that only serve to detract from achieving truth and full disclosure.

The Roswell incident of 1947 presented a unique and possibly the best opportunity to answer the question of Extraterrestrials once and for all. However, not only was the average American not ready to rationalize the existence of beings not from our own planet, neither was the government. In fact, it wasn’t until the time of the Roswell incident that the Government decided to take action and it slowly began a campaign to hide all information concerning UFO incidents.

From a cultural perspective, America was dealing with its own challenges and discoveries. The year 1947 was the first time Major League Baseball allowed black players to play (Jackie Robinson), Igloo coolers were invented, and the country was trying to recover from WWII (Pop-Culture.US). The truth was that the American public, its government, nor the world was ready to deal with the idea of aliens.

Secrecy was the only way for the United States


Needless to say the Roswell incident took the world by surprise in the summer of 1947. The United States was taken by surprise and entirely unprepared to deal with the idea that aliens existed. By all accounts, the military had no knowledge of the UFO incident at Roswell until Mac Brazel reported it to the local sheriff who in turn contacted the nearby Roswell Army Air Force base (

Is it just then a coincidence that the most famous UFO incident predates the creation of the CIA by only a few months? The Central Intelligence Agency was formally founded in the fall of 1947 by Dwight D. Eisenhower, Allen Dulles, Harry S. Truman, and William J. Donovan. In fact, it also makes perfect sense that President Harry S. Truman would create a secret group like the Majestic 12 to help define the unique and relatively unexplored issue of space crafts and aliens.

The reality is that the people of America handed over the truth about UFOs to the government at a time when the world was more interested in recovering from war and regaining a sense of normalcy. Today however, the questions about the Roswell incident continue. Next year it will be 70 years since Americans handed over evidence of the most significant UFO incident in history along with the right to know what awaits us in the furthest reaches of space.

UFOLOGY Must Unify

Today ufologists and enthusiast alike must embrace technology in order to discover the truth about the UFO phenomena. It is no more acceptable for a ufologist to write about old and forgotten UFO incidents than it is for medical doctors to base their practice on books from the mid-twentieth century. Ufologists must embrace technologies such as drones, high performance cameras, the internet, the fruits of globalization, and leverage contacts within any government willing to share its knowledge about UFOs. The time for diplomacy has passed and Ufology must wage a focused war on many fronts in order to remain relevant. The search for truth begins with you the casual reader and those that have more than just unintentional curiosity for the topic. Lend your skills to the war and provide a foundation to lift the current fruitless efforts of Ufology into a renaissance of disclosure and discovery of the unknown.

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