Video: Massive UFO Fleet Leaving The Moon?

Manny/ November 21, 2016/ From Manny

Moon Armada

UFO Moon Armada courtesy YouTube video posted by Mister Enigma (see below)

The Moon Aliens Have Released Their Armada

Make no mistake about it, this video title was very difficult to resist. Whether this was click baiting or not, the idea of a massive fleet of UFOs taking off from the moon was very fascinating. Before we discuss the video we have to give credit where credit is due. The publisher of the video, Mister Enigma, makes it clear that it is up to the viewers to decide what they are seeing. Of course, it’s not like the link may have suggested to them right from the onset that they would be viewing a mass exodus of UFOs from the moon…right?

Could This Moon UFO Video Be An Optical Illusion

The alleged UFOs in the YouTube video appear to takeoff from the surface and almost instantaneously disappear. It is important to note that the UFOs do not vary in speed and appear to maintain a steady outward flow into the emptiness of space. In fact, they appear to maintain the exact opposite velocity that the moon appear to maintain in heading toward to opposite direction of the frame. The UFOs disappear as soon as they leave the surface of the moon as if they were not made off solid matter. Another interesting fact is that the entire moon is not shown in Mister Enigma’s video . Leaving one to wonder if the same anomaly was also present on the opposite side of the moon.  Were we intentionally duped by Mister Enigma’s editing skills to believe the video was more fact than fiction?


The Original Video May Cast The Moon By A Different Light

The original video posted by Geri Vigil shows a different story all together. A significant amount of distortion is present all around the trailing edge of the Moon. In fact, the trailing edge contains a significant amount of distortion throughout  most of the video. The only way to make the claims of a UFO fleet would be to intentionally zoom into the distorted area. Fortunately, the original video below includes the entire moon and not just the zoomed in snippet published by Mister Enigma. While Geri Vigil claimed in her video title that she saw a large group of UFOs leaving the moon, she did not edit her video to just show what she wanted people to believe. Not only do we have an optical illusion, we also have mass hysteria over a video that does little more than distort an optical illusion for clicks and headlines. To that end, we the people have been suckered yet again and the conversation regarding the UFO phenomena takes another step backwards.


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