SecureTeam10 Iranian UFO Video Goes VIRAL!

Manny/ January 25, 2017/ From Manny

Iran-UFO MUFON Case 758843

SecureTeam10: Iranian Forces Engage UFO

An anonymous report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is creating a stir amongst urologists. According to the Express UK’s Jon Austin, on January 17th around 5 pm local time, Iranian forces engaged a UFO. Clips of the event were uploaded onto YouTube as well. The UFO, which was described as a “white orb”, was captured on film making what appeared to controlled movements. Video footage shows the white orb allegedly attempting to out maneuver the anti-aircraft fire.

SecureTeam10 vs. GabeHashTV

In an interesting turn of events, the famed SecureTeam10 YouTube channel posted the clip of the Iranian UFO incident from MUFON. In short order, the video drew over 900K views. However, the SecureTeam10 version does not address that the original MUFON report alleged the incident occurred on January 17, but it was reported on the 16th. Enter the YouTube channel GabeHashTV and their explanation of the incident which also explained the discrepancy in the dates.

Posted on January 25th, 2017, the video includes the news reports from Tehran. The news channel reported the military forces were attempting to shoot down a drone. The video goes on to explain that Tehran’s military forces mercilessly attacks all drones over the city and has even shot down drones that belong to its own citizens. The video also explains the date discrepancy since the Iranian media reports were dated on January 15th.

The unedited version of the press video posted by the YouTube channel PressTV News Videos shows the entire news report including those clips used in the SecureTeam10 video and Express UK publication. All the videos discussed in this article are included for your review. The truth is out there, but probably not in the Iranian UFO incident videos.


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