Twin Golden UFOs Light Up the Night Sky

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Did they truly summon UFOs in Florida?

An amazing video of twin golden UFOs being summoned by a group out in Vero Beach Fl. and the world was none the wiser. Back in 2015 Stephen Greer and a group of paying participants took to Vero Beach to invoke his CE-5 protocol and summon UFOs. The story was recently rehashed by an online publication which unfortunately failed to mention that the incident occurred January 27 of 2015.

The CE-5 protocol as defined by Dr. Greer and the website as a mutual bilateral communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The group that attended the event with Dr. Greer in 2015 believed, as Dr. Greer noted in the video, that the golden colored orbs where of Extraterrestrial origin engaging them in bilateral communication. However, there was not a single moment during the video that indicated there was any form of communication being received from the alleged alien crafts. Possibly these aliens were of the “unilateral” types.

Another issue with this occurrence was that most people in UFOLOGY concluded back in 2015 that the golden twin UFOs were actually flares. Now, we all know that the flare argument as the go-to answer for skeptics explaining many UFO sightings. However, even the famed website OpenMInds.TV concluded that the evidence at hand pointed toward flares slowly descending into the Atlantic Ocean. OoenMinds.TV was not the only website claiming that the orbs were mere flares.

However, just recently the story recirculated as a grandiose event and in many ways a testimony to the CE-5 protocol. Even though flares were suspected as the origin of the UFOs, there was enough doubt in the validity of the claims presented in the video to warrant an extensive analysis of the claims documented by the Dr. Greer and the Sirius Disclosure Group. Moreover, where do we draw the line when it comes to famed ufologists such as Dr. Greer making unfounded claims? The answer may not be simple, but there needs to be a way to bring such issues to the forefront and stop the fleecing of those that believe.



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