Episode 89: [LIVE] What Happened to Bruno Burges and NUFORC Report

Manny/ May 21, 2017/ From Manny

On this episode: Brazilian UFO enthusiast still missing. Bruno Burges who first went missing in early March is still missing and now the story get weirder as a childhood friend comes forward.
Psychology student Bruno Borges, 25, vanished from his home last Monday while working on a top secret project.
His disappearance has sparked major interest online after a bizarre video of his bedroom was leaked online, with some suggesting he has been taken away by a UFO.


I have a video of a flying saucer but don’t know how to share it. It was insane.
Came outside and saw a bright red light in the sky. Knew immediately it wasn’t an airplane or helicopter. It was flying approx 5-10k feet when spotted.
I pulled my phone out and started recording. When I zoomed in it was an obvious saucer traveled from one end of the sky to over the horizon in about 90 seconds. Also gained altitude extremely fast.
How do I share the video?

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