Scott C. Waring Call’s It Quits – Let’s Rejoice

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Final post from Scott C. Waring -

Final post from Scott C. Waring –

After years of seeing rats and crabs on Mars, Waring and his amped up pareidolia call it quits.

Scott C. Waring announced on that he was hanging up his search for the truth. Many people have rejoiced at the notion that he was finally out of the UFOlogy picture. The post itself does not read as such and Waring leaves the door open for an eventual return in the future. Some have even speculated that his stepping out of the limelight of UFOlogy was away for him to have a greater impact on the pseudoscience from behind the scenes.

According to Waring, “I think it’s changed. It was educational before, it was enlightening before, it was even comforting somehow knowing the truth, but it seems to have taken a turn as entertainment. That was never my intention. This is serious stuff that has depths that even I can’t fathom. It deserves serious thought and research, not contempt and ridicule” (Waring,

Maybe Good-Bye Is Not Good-Bye

Buyer beware as Scott C. Waring made it clear in his “final post” that he would lurk in the darkest reaches of UFOlogy. Like a stray Martian cat, he will be ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. While we may see a decline in posts or clickbait news articles from Waring, we would be quite gullible to believe he will never resurface again. We may experience a slight reduction in fake UFO hoaxes related to pigeons on Mars through the usual online websites and mainstream media “click-baiters”, however, the competition remains fierce.

#FakeNews outlets have embraced Scott over the last seven years and they will miss him dearly in print and in their coffers. Those that made it a point of benefiting from his uncanny tenacity for spotting Big Foot on the Moon will now have to find someone else to champion. Rest assured, his replacement is right around the corner.

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