UBR- UFO Report 5: Robert Bigelow says ET is Here

Manny/ May 31, 2017/ From Manny

Bigelow Module Spends 1 year in Orbit
Article 1: Bigelow Aerospace’s bedroom-sized, experimental expandable habitat module crossed the midpoint of its planned two-year stay.
Since it was first expanded, astronauts have entered the BEAM nine times to collect air and surface samples of microbes and swap out radiation monitors, which were then sent back to Earth to be studied. So far, the prototype has performed well: dose rates of Galactic Cosmic Radiation (GCR) are about on par with other, more rigid space station modules, and the external walls have managed to keep debris from penetrating through, despite multiple possible collisions with micrometeoroids.

Article 2: Space industry power player: ‘Existing presence’ of aliens on Earth
Robert Bigelow let it be known on a recent 60 minutes episode that he believes aliens have visited are on Earth.

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