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Northern Territory in dry spell for UFO sightings
Article 1:
AUSTRALIA’S self-proclaimed “UFO capital” Wycliffe Well hasn’t had a single extraterrestrial visitor in a year.
UFO descriptions from Wycliffe Well include; Cigar, Square and Rectangular shape. Square shapes morphing into circular. Pulsating and flashing lights. Orange, Green and Red spinning lights. Others that shoot out beams of different colours.
With the Dry Season – historically the prime time for UFO sightings in the NT – upon us, the lack of extra terrestrial visitors is concerning.

UFO hunters spot ‘weird orb’ while lost in hills near Boston
Article 2:
Three UFO hunters snapped a photo of a mysterious object while they were lost in the Blue Hills near Boston last week, according to reports.
Ramona DiFrancesco and her friends were lost for several hours Thursday night and had to be rescued by state police, WHDH-TV reported.
DiFrancesco, 18, of Plymouth, told the station she and her friends spotted UFOs they had never seen before Thursday night.
“Well, we saw these two ships that had these like bright spotlights and then we saw this like weird orb that was like a spotlight, sort of,” she told the station

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