UBR- UFO Report 36: Romanek Found Guilty and Solar Eclipse WARNING

Manny/ August 9, 2017/ From Manny

Romanek Found Guilty: http://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2017/08/08/romanek-found-guilty/549901001/
Stanley Tiger Romanek, a 54-year-old Loveland man, was found guilty of felony possession of child pornography but not guilty of distribution of child pornography.
Elizabeth McClintock, said after the verdict that defense attorneys weren’t planning to bring any of the UFO information into the testimony because they didn’t feel it was relevant to the case. They did, however, cast doubt about who downloaded the child pornography, such as Romanek’s family or visitors to the Romaneks’ home.
A class 4 felony for sexual exploitation of a child could carry a two- to six-year minimum prison sentence, and it will be up to the court to determine Romanek’s sentence, McClintock said, but other options include community corrections or sex offender intensive supervised probation.
Romanek’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Oct. 19.

Solar Eclipse Warning
But be careful when you try to witness it. The sun can literally burn out your eyes if you look at it too long. Solar retinopathy results when the sun’s rays damage or destroy the photoreceptors that comprise your retina The retina is the structure in back of the inside of your eyeball that transmits images to your brain. Photoreceptors are cells that converts light particles into the electrical signals then sent by nerve cells. When damaged in solar retinopathy, some photoreceptors may take 3-6 months to recover. However, others may never recover or grow back.
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