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StreetCap1 finds a mining colony on the moon.
Article 1: Mining complex on the moon? UFO hunter claims structures visible on lunar surface
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A UFO hunter claims to have spotted a mining complex on the surface of the Moon.
Streetcap 1, which posts extraterrestrial-related and other paranormal videos on its YouTube page, purports a series of objects in a video could be a mining complex on the lunar surface.
In the video, Streetcap 1 says: “Can you see those buildings? They are in Tycho Crater on the moon. That’s quite amazing isn’t it?”

Article 2: Inside abandoned UFO village where families lived in ‘spaceships’ before flying saucer cabins were left to rot
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These creepy images show an abandoned UFO village where wacky spaceship-style homes have been left to rot and grow moldy.
The yellow and green flying-saucer homes are elevated above ground, with all the amenities of a regular home designed in a circular pod.
Once filled with the hustle and bustle of family life and tourists on holiday , the homes, officially knows as Futuro houses, grew incredibly popular in the 1960s.
Now, images from the village in the Wanli district of Taiwan show crumbling exteriors, cracked windows and moldy carpets after decades of decay.
The homes were designed to be ski cabins for tourists
But as oil prices soared, the once-fashionable homes and holiday cabins became unaffordable and were left to crumble and rot to the ground.

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