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On this live episode, Paul Wesley the Truth Chaser stops by to share what he knows about the Grey Zeta Agenda.
The Zeta Grey
Of the countless extraterrestrials that have visited this planet or interacted with it, the Zetas would seemingly have had the greatest direct contact with humans and are thus probably the most active alien culture on Earth.
These are the familiar large-headed ETs with huge black eyes, and stature about four feet. They appear to be responsible for the majority of abductions comprising a massive program on planet Earth.
Nevertheless, human abductions by the Dracos-controlled group of Zetas would be the most dangerous, in which captives are taken to underground bases where horrific experiments are conducted, much of this apparently under secret government complicity and security. Abductees of the pure Zeta groups are generally taken aboard their spacecrafts.
The Zetas are named as such since they are from Zeta Reticuli – a double star, 39 light years away – in the constellation Reticulum of the southern hemisphere, though some reside in the Orion and Sirius systems known as the Greys, and in general are now somewhat spread around, having cloned bodies that can tolerate varied environmental conditions. Countless varieties now exist.
Though the Zetas can operate as a single mind they paradoxically have split up into numerous groups varying from benevolent to the highly negative and treacherous Zeta-Dracos hybrids.
This alien, which was apparently a Dracos-Zeta, known as the Rutilia by the Guardian Alliance, was confined – following the Roswell crash in 1947 – until 1951 when it became ill and died in 1952.
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