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Gary Parker is a real estate developer that lives in Phoenix Arizona. While doing research for a project in Egypt, he discovered an ALIEN MESSAGE written beside the GREAT PYRAMID in a 2012 NASA photo.
Here is how you find the message on the UBR Truth Seekers Group on Facebook, Manny Moonraker and UFO Buster Radio Facebook pages as well…
If you shrink the NASA photo to approx. 7″ x 7″ you will get an International Space Station, Point of View of the GIZA PLATEAU on the Right-Side of the Photo and CAIRO on the Left-Side of the photo.
The ENTIRE Right-Side of the photo (Giza Plateau) is the LEFT-PROFILE of the ALIEN (I outlined him in RED)
HE is looking EAST at the NILE RIVER and RING ROAD where they INTERSECT. (I outlined it in RED). The NILE RIVER and RING ROAD represent the CONSTELLATION of CYGNUS.
If you download the 2012 NASA photo (ISS032-E-009123) onto a LAPTOP COMPUTER, make the room Pitch Black, and TILT your Computer Screen (by lifting the Keyboard). You will see one remaining LIGHT at the Intersection of the NILE and RING ROAD. That LIGHT is the planet SADR. This is where they ALIEN originated.
If you TILT the Computer Screen ALL the WAY Back so it rests on your LAP or the DESK TOP. You will see the only LIGHT in the photo emanates from the 3 PYRAMIDS.
When GOD said “Let there be Light” he was talking about knowledge. And he was talking about the GREAT PYRAMID.
The ENTIRE NASA photo is a MESSAGE to Mankind he’s the Messenger Boy.

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