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Hello Manny! I very much thank you for friendship! I am from Czech republic. I do not speak english, only little write with very wrong. I very interesting Ufo, humanoids, parapsychology …You also interesting Ufo and paranormal ? Hello ILona from Czech Republic from town Telč
With my sister Ivana we have contact with Humanoid EBE OLie from planet Elielji, from 12 dimension. Start contact was year 1993. Using spiriritism method. Ivana have telepatic communication and i write, what Ebe tell. We have very much info about Chemistry, physics, biology, genetic manipulations …. Very, very info.. I can write more ? Hello ILona!
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Article: It has been 50 years since an UFO hoax which made officials believe there was an alien attack
TRICKSTERS prompted a major security alert after leaving six grounded flying saucers across the UK, which fooled officials believing it was an alien attack
TODAY is the 50th anniversary of an alien hoax which prompted fear of a full-scale alien invasion.
On September 4th 1967, Britain’s intelligence service as well as the Army, RAF and four police forces and bomb disposal units were mobilised to investigate as six grounded UFOs (which you can see in the tweet below) found dotted across southern England, reports The Sun.
But as British top brass braced themselves for a War Of The Worlds-style attack, it emerged that the scare was nothing more than an elaborate student hoax.
Nick Pope, an author and journalist who once headed up the Ministry of Defence’s UFO investigation department, said: “This incident was taken extremely seriously at the time, by the police, the MoD and by the Army bomb squad.

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