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David Meade death threats in end-of-world trolling
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Having the same name as a man who predicted the world would end on Saturday – last Saturday – has caused County Down mentalist David Meade no end of grief – even five death threats.
David Meade from Rathfriland in County Down is a mentalist – but did not predict the end of the world
American conspiracy theorist David Meade claimed that Planet Nibiru would collide with Earth on 23 September.
David Meade, from Rathfriland, County Down, has been forced to dissociate himself from the claims.

NAZCA TOMB: DNA results are in on the ‘mummified aliens’… and they are REAL beings
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EXCLUSIVE: Alien hunters hoping to prove the Nazca tombs contained extraterrestrials have been left shocked after tests on the mummified remains found they contained DNA from living beings.
Scientists were unable to get DNA codes from some of the samples sent for analysis, however DNA types were confirmed for a three-fingered hand, and from a brain tissue sample.
However, in a blow to people hoping for proof of alien visitations of Earth, the samples were concluded to be a 100 percent match to human DNA.
Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, who is also working with, said they were now testing smaller reptilian looking bodies

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