UBR- UFO Report 53: UFO Highway on 37th Parallel and Flight of the FRBs

Manny/ September 28, 2017/ From Manny

Alien hunters discover ‘UFO highway’ across America
Article link: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/09/28/alien-hunters-discover-ufo-highway-across-america.html
A brother and sister alien hunting team have discovered a “UFO highway” across America along which hundreds of unexplained events have taken place – from cattle mutilations to alien abductions.
Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer have spent years travelling across the US investigating hundreds of UFO sightings and other paranormal occurrences.
He called his sister – who noticed the same with her investigations in Missouri – and the pair began researching the phenomenon, discovering that there are clusters of unexplained events taking place across the same latitude line.
The pair believe that the 37th latitude line is a kind of UFO or paranormal “highway” along which extra terrestrial craft enter and exit the earth.
Their theory is now the subject of a book called the 37th Parallel – and is about to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster in the next few months.
Examples of cases along the line include the Joplin Spook Lights – unexplained balls of light that have been appearing in Hornet, Missouri since the 19th century; The Aztec, Nevada incident of 1948 when a flying saucer allegedly crashed; and Piedmont, Missouri where 500 people reported UFO sightings in 1973.
The infamous Area 51 in Nevada – and the Dulce Base – an alleged underground alien base – are also located on the line.

REVEALED: ALIEN signals being sent out EVERY SECOND from all over the universe
‘ALIEN’ signals are being sent from all corners of the universe every second, according to startling new research.
Article Link: http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/858478/aliens-ufo-signal-fast-radio-bursts-harvard
Since that first one was discovered, scientists have only found a few dozen more, but new research says these mysterious signals could be pinging around the universe every second.
Experts are still unsure exactly what these signals are, but what they do know is that they can emit as much energy in a second than the sun does in 10,000 years.
They are exceptionally difficult to study as they can last as little as a millisecond and there is no way to predict when they are coming.
Some experts says they are natural, such as exploding stars, while other scientists believe that they are extra-terrestrial signals which were intentionally sent Earth’s way.
Research carried out at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CFA) found that FRBs are likely taking place constantly.
To reach this conclusion, the team studied FRB 121102 – a signal that came from a galaxy around three billion light years away.
Several bursts have come from this galaxy since they were discovered, making it one of the few that they have been able to study.
Bugzaymalone: First of all the aliens will be very tiny, about the size of an ant. Secondly they will use chemicals and light to communicate and will wear orange loin cloths made of hair. They will be green in colour and will speak using their noses to make different shapes, that is my theory

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