UBR- UFO Report 54: Roswell Autopsy Madness and Alaska Needs UFO Reports

Manny/ October 3, 2017/ From Manny

Roswell Autopsy Madness
Article 1 : http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/860489/Aliens-alien-autopsy-Roswell-UFO-crash-Ray-Santilli-Spyros-Melaris
Article 2: http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/861403/Alien-autopsy-Roswell-real-image-aliens-UFO-Spyros-Melaris-Ray-Santilli

EXCLUSIVE: The man who directed the Roswell alien autopsy video today vowed to “put the final nail in the coffin” of the infamous case.
Spyros Melaris exclusively told Express.co.uk he would take a lie detector to prove once and for all that the film released in 1995 was a “pure hoax” and not based on any original genuine material.
The film’s producer Ray Santilli claimed yesterday the 1995 film was based on genuine footage.
But his claim has been refuted by Mr Melaris who maintains genuine footage did not exist.
Mr Santilli, who is CEO of Orbital Media Group, claimed yesterday that, although the 1995 film was made using actors, it was a “restoration” of original footage of the Roswell crash site and alien autopsy, that he had obtained, but it was of too poor quality to screen.
“I would welcome a lie detector test alongside Mr Santilli. I hereby offer myself for such a test.”
He provided Express.co.uk with a grainy still from what he said was the original, in a bid to prove he is telling the truth.
The image, which we published, appears to show a form, possibly an alien, lying down.
Scott Brando runs Ufoofinterest.org and forensically examines UFO and alien images and video to see if he can work out what they actually are.
He tweeted Express.co.uk saying the image Mr Santilli provided us looked like a negative of a still from the 1995 hoaxed alien autopsy video.
He compared it to a still from the 1995 film, and said it looked like it had been scuffed to look older.
Alejandro Rojas, host of Open Minds Radio, said of Mr Brando’s observations: ” He provided the image below, and it does look spot on.
“Mr Santilli claims he may release the entire film at some point in the future, but I would guess it would need to involve a lot of money and that it will be inconclusive in the end.”

Have you seen something in the sky you can’t explain? This Alaska UFO researcher wants to hear about it
Article link: https://www.adn.com/alaska-life/2017/10/01/have-you-seen-something-in-the-sky-you-cant-explain-this-alaska-ufo-researcher-wants-to-hear-about-it/
NORTH POLE — A few years ago, Adyson Wright was told a story she couldn’t believe.
Adyson Wright is a UFO researcher in Fairbanks.
A family member said he’d seen a UFO when he was about 12 years old, driving home one night with his aunt, uncle and brothers.
“As they were driving he sees three metallic saucers in the sky, following their car. His aunt was scared and apparently she floored it,” said Wright, sitting in the study at her North Pole home on a recent fall afternoon.
“She gunned it home, crashed through the gate — a newly built gate at their fence, which bugged his parents apparently — and even ran inside and grabbed a shotgun and shot at them,” Wright said. “And they zipped away, and that was it.”
It was a pretty outrageous story, Wright said.
Attempts to disprove a family story led to its own unexpected conclusion: the creation of an Alaska UFO research database, which Wright hopes will lend rigor to a field that she says is overlooked by scientific inquiry, and fraught with speculation and poor reporting.
On her website, Distributed UFO Research Repository, Alaska, Wright has been gathering cases, writing papers and coming up with projects to help expand knowledge about UFOs based around solid reporting.

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