UBR- UFO Report 68 November 17th EBE Message

Manny/ November 20, 2017/ From Manny

UBR Truth seekers posted questions for Ilona and Ivana Podhrázská to ask EBE Ollie. The EBE is an interdimensional entity that has used Ivana’s abilities as medium to share information with Humanity.
YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWX9voUMSTQ
Today 11. november was 90 minutes long was communication with Ebe Olie . Very, very much interesting Olie told ask about Jesus Nazareth , …. about Nephilim, about demigods… about dimensions, Pyramids , Sfinga, Egypt … Activated unit pyramids. What is in the peak of the pyramid . what the purpose of the pyramid is …. Is very much info and i do not have time rewriting
/Manny from Radio Buster of Dallas has the question: Ebe told there will be a storm on Earth in November 2017, which part of the earth will be hit the most?/- Force storm already affects the whole earth now.Your Earth is in the coated (wrap ) storm of the ELECTRIC – MAGNETIC
in more MOLECULAR ENERGY CURRENTS .It is a storm that extends to the deeper layers of the interior of the Earth. Her Colosseum is rotational. The storm is a natural spectrum. It is not artificially produced. Artificially-induced disasters are still active. There are also hidden disasters that occur both on the surface and under the surface. . / Ebe, Manny has one more question, and it is funny that the same chief czech exopolitics Karel Rašín gave you the same question. The question is who was Jesus of Nazareth? /- Jesus Nazareth is not the original name. The name is inscribed as JOSHUA – IRIS – CROSS (crucifix) . IRIS – INRI – is the same.Everything is change in the Bible. IRIS – ( God woman) goddess. She was closely connected with the cross and Jesus. Jeshua – Joshua is not a prerequisite for expression. Jeshua, Joshua – Jesus. Everything has fixed your the history. . The original name of the extraterrestrial being of Joshua was in the next stage of Jeshua and in the third stage of Jesus. Everything was called by the Church, and people do not understand the source of the Church that Jesus was an extraterrestrial ruler. I tell Jesus because you understand this more. Jesus was sent. Ancillary being IRIS and their ruler she ISIS. There were two Goddesses sent on Earth together with Jesus. They come from ( origin) constellations of another dimension that your eyes do not see. The constellation DELTA. But that dimension is not far from your dimension.It’s almost connected. Jesus still has his origin from Joshua. It is an extraterrestrial name. . Christ Jesus was sent for another task. You people were already at the beginning of birth. Joshua had the task of putting mankind in memory of the evolution and shift on your planet, to make and preach supernatural. But he appeared ( together- god) goddess IRIS and ISIS. And the law took in a different direction of learning. there was source a certains of unclears. They attacked each other like you in war. Goddesses and demigod come from the same dimension as Jesus. They are there with them, but the Goddess has different body material. Joshua has an energetic-material body without heaviness, without weight. Jesus he knows about your Earth, but he is not sent. Sent may be another extraterrstrial demi-god. So far, your system controls other forces from another dimension.Under the surface of your Earth and on the surface. I told you earlier that the old law replaced the new law. History is repeated, but not entirely.”- End 1. part Ahoj ILona!

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