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New book has the first ever photos of the actual interior of a UFO
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Incredible Credit: Flying Disk Press Until now, the only way to see inside an alien spacecraft was to catch the attention of a bunch of little green men armed with alarmingly large anal probes.
Now a new book has revealed the actual, real interior decor of a UFO… which looks mysteriously like an ordinary desk here on Earth. What makes the pictures even more extraordinary is the presence of a sunglasses-wearing alien, captured on film in chilling proof that extraterrestrials walk among us, wearing shades.
Author Dr Roberto Pinotti, aged 73, is publishing the pictures in a new book, UFO Contacts in Italy, detailing how a flying saucer landed on the Adriatic coast.
Pinotii claims the incident happened in 1957 – although we’re not sure why the images are blurred almost as if by a Photoshop filter.
Probably some kind of alien magnetic field. That must be it. Pinotti claims that the aliens ‘wanted to be friends’ – and allowed two people inside the UFO to take photos. Pinotii said that you can see ‘inside a cockpit with seating, control panel and other objects.’
The UFO hunter says, ‘These rare and extraordinary photographs, as well as two photographs of the alleged extraterrestrial pilot… have been published here for the first time.” ‘Much of the information in this book is being published in English for the very first time.

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