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PENTAGON UFO: British Ministry of Defence breaks silence on bombshell US X-Files
EXCLUSIVE: The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has issued a response to revelations the US Pentagon ran a top-secret program investigating any potential threat from UFOs over five years. In December news emerged the US Department of Defense (DoD) ran the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP) from 2007 to 2012 at a cost of £16million.
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US Government officials previously denied having any interest in the UFO phenomenon since the 1960s when a series of investigations ended.
UK UFO hunters had hoped the British authorities may have felt compelled to reveal details of any secret UFO programs that may have been running over here.
In response to questions, MP Mark Lancaster, Minister of State for the armed forces, said there were no plans for the MoD to make any announcements in the wake of the Pentagon UFO disclosures.
The MP said the MoD had completed a one off study into UFOs previously and there would be no repeats.
He added: “This study concluded that most UFO sightings could be attributed to the misidentification of common objects, or were most likely the result of some meteorological phenomena.”
Mr Lancaster went on to say the MoD had no opinion on whether aliens exist.
He added: “You may wish to be aware that the MoD has no opinion on the existence, or otherwise, of extraterrestrial life.
“Furthermore, the MoD ceased investigating UFO reports after 2009 because they served no defence purpose.”

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