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Reward offered for return of stolen UFO alien grave marker in Texas
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A Dallas lawyer is offering $1,000 for the return of a grave marker stolen from a cemetery in the small Texas city of Aurora where, according to local legend, the remains of an alien killed in a UFO crash were buried.
Stratton Horres, a Dallas civil defense attorney, said he doesn’t necessarily believe the reported April 17, 1897, crash in the tiny city about 27 miles north of downtown Fort Worth involved an aircraft from outer space — or that there was even a crash at all.
“It’s a legend that persists after 120 years. It’s pretty remarkable,” Horres said in a phone interview. “I’m skeptical but would love to find some evidence that something has happened that we could not explain.”
Horres’ offer comes a little more than two weeks before the 121st anniversary of the reported crash, and about four weeks before a planned April 28 tour of the cemetery that is free and open to the public.
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