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Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition Link:
Richard Van SteenBerg says: I have over 800+ signatures on my et / ufo petition
the short story is i studied the two previous disclosure petitions that failed i realized they made 3 mistakes
1. they put the petitions on the “we the people” gov petition server which allowed the gov to just shut them off as soon as they got started (5k and 12k) signatures, this one is on change(dot)org and i control it
2. They were asking for ET disclosure which only solves the being from other planets component – requiring HET disclosure forces immediate full disclosure of Humanoid Extra Terrestrials living among us (Hetlau) now
3. The wanted disclosure of UFOs but ETS don’t fly they vectate (vectored levitation) so the term UFO is not applicable
The new petition includes all new correct accurate terminology and concepts to allow the civilians to take back control of the narrative and force disclosure on the gov and mil – the most difficult part is just getting EA (EArthlings) to sign it so the mainstream media will start picking up on it

Canadian Survey: Canadians spotted 3 UFOs per day in 2017: survey | CTV News
Article link:
Last September, 10 campers in Quebec say they watched as a glowing, pyramid-shaped object floated above their trailer and came to a halt mid-air.
The group says the unusual object hovered above the campsite and emitted an intense red light. A moment later, the light flickered and it flew out of sight.
The unexplained encounter is one of the best-documented UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2017. Last year, 1,101 people reported seeing unusual lights and shapes in Canada’s skies, according to the annual Canadian UFO Survey released by UFOlogy Research of Manitoba.

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