Do You Believe…Why Not?

Manny/ October 19, 2018/ From Manny

Do you believe?

Everybody likes to ask this question and it automatically brings out the images of little green men. The truth is that the numbers supporting the existence of life elsewhere are staggering.

  • 30 Billion Planets just in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • 2 Triillion Galaxies in the Universe (this number grows every year)
  • 3 Trillion Star in the observable Universe

Are we really that lucky to be the only form of life across the complete expanse of the universe? Also consider that the universe is estimated to be 13.8 billion years old and our planet is a young 4.5 billion years. Even with all that time under its belt recorded human history dates mankind at a mere 200,000 years in existence. Human history is a mere blink of an eye compared to the age of our own planet and the rest of the universe.

Can you really comfortably and logically say the our little tiny insignificant spec on the map of the universe is the only one fortunate enough to sustain life?

Are UFOs real?

The answer is YES! Unidentified Flying Objects are an everyday occurance because the question is simply do you recognize what you see and not if the object was flown by an alien.

Now ask yourself this question, with their being up to 2 Trillion Galaxies that probably contain 30 Trillion planets per galaxy or more, is it far fetched to believe that anyone of those very old Galaxies contains an advanced civilization capable of traveling vast distances?

Millions of people have had some form of contact with beings and ships they do not recognize. It would be a hard argument for anyone to present that all of the phenomena experiencers, all over the world, are undergoing the same psychosis. There is something out there and there is a slight possiblity that there is something or someone here as well.

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