Is it time to go to WAR in UFOLOGY?

Manny/ October 16, 2018/ From Manny

Have people like Scott C. Waring damaged UFOLOGY?

As the host of UFO Buster Radio, I only ask this because I grow tired of the same old nonsense. People tend to continually follow individuals that offer very little evidence and tons of surreal explanations for the existence a UFOs. Unfortunately, those are the people that are picked up by online publications and their antics made to appear as credible.

The problem with the situation is that when a credible individual steps forward with their research, the jaded public shuns them quickly. Some rest this way because they have been burned in the past with fake UFO evidence or because the research is not grandiose enough. The question then remains, do we the people, as a public service, need to weed out all the fake UFO researchers or do we continue to stand by idly?

Do you have talent?

Personally, I believe there are many talented people that believe in the topic of UFOLOGY that can actually take on those that promote fake UFO sightings. I’m no expert, but I draw the line at promoting fake UFO reports or people that appear just to be in it to clickbait their way to the advertiser money that will eventually line their pockets.

It’s time that the real talent in UFOLOGY takes a stand and pushes back against people like Scott C. Waring and the rest of the money hugry thugs that taint real research into the unknown. If you have the talent, then stand up against those that are fleecing UFOLOGY and it’s TRUE believers.

It’s time to take UFOLOGY back from those that are only in it for the money and their 5-minutes of fame. So, if you have any ounce of talent in any form or capacity…just bring it, because it’s time to take UFOLOGY back!


Time to get probed!

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