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2018 RubADickies Winners Rub-A-Dicker of the Year Luis Elizondo UBR Truth Seekers Top Contributor Patricia McBride UBR Trurh Seekers Top Moderators Jeff Aldrich Billy Baker 2018 Super Sapien Award Ronny Dawson Astronomers Are Tracking Four Potential Interstellar Objects Now In Our Outer Solar System Arricle link: Using detailed computer models of asteroidal-type objects between the Sun and Jupiter, two Harvard University researchers find that at least four known objects are likely to have origins from outside our solar system. After becoming gravitationally-trapped, the four potentially interstellar objects — 2011 SP25, 2017 RR2, 2017 SV13, and 2018 TL6 — are thought to spend most of their time between the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune.   In a paper submitted to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Harvard co-authors Amir Siraj and Abraham Loeb, compare the orbital characteristics of theoretical high-inclination objects to those of the centaurs, the most similar population of known asteroids. “We find that there should be hundreds of Oumuamua-size interstellar objects identifiable by Centaur-like orbits,” write the authors.  1I/2017 U1 Oumuamua, the first bona fide interstellar object, was discovered Oct. 19, 2017 by the University of Hawaii’s Pan-Starrs telescope.  But the authors note that there should be at least 66 possible other interstellar objects in their calculations, ranging in diameter from roughly 100 meters to 10 kilometers in size. And all of these potential interstellar interlopers should be detectable by the LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope), currently under construction in Chile. “ We do not know if they are comets, asteroids, or artifacts ,” Amir Siraj, a Harvard University undergraduate in astrophysics, told me They pass near Earth on timescales of some 20 to 120 years so it will be another 20 years until we can photograph one of them, he says. Show Stuff TeePublic Store – Get your UBR goodies today! UBR Trurh Seekers Facebook Group: Manny Moonraker: UFO Buster Radio: YouTube Channel: Google Plus Manny’s Updated Google+ Profile: To contact Manny:, or on Twitter @ufobusterradio  Call the show anytime at (972) 290-1329 and leave us a message with your point of view, UFO sighting, and ghostly experiences or join the discussion on For Skype Users: bosscrawler

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