UBR Truth Seekers Interview 3 – Ronny Dawson The 2018 Supersapien & UFO Experiencer

Manny/ April 13, 2019/ From Manny

Excerpt from Ronny’s Book: Ronny Dawson UFO Story: Alien Proof

Ronny Dawson is a Texas oilfield worker that encountered alien craft and its occupants. They continued to follow Dawson and in an attempt to learn something about the crafts propulsion system Dawson and friend fired a hand held laser at the craft in hopes of video recording light beam deviation. The aliens retaliated at Dawson by invading and ransacking his home as he lay paralyzed but watching. A year later they returned while Dawson was at work. A disk approached Dawson as he hid for his life. From Dawson hiding spot he captured images of a portal window on the UFO with 2 beings staring out at him.
The disk backed away and 10 minutes later a monolithic mother craft flew right over his head. A city embedded onto the surface of a V shaped meteor. Dawson managed to capture the left side of the 1/2 mile craft from a mile away. The video footage has yielded several types of huge biological entities, alien architecture, refinery processes, ship docking bays, power orbs beings charged at a docking bay. The footage included in this book has mystified the experts and been verified as authentic by multiple researchers.
Dawson further proved his sincerity of the encounter by filing a FAA Low Craft Report. A felony offense to falsify such a report. The aliens continue to make an appearance at the same time every year regardless of where Dawson is. Dawson has survived 2 attempts at his life and his friend in the laser test died mysteriously 6 months after filming Dawson’s Man Escapes Alien Abduction Video on YouTube. Dawson’s encounter has received world wide media attention and Dawson has been the guest on many Radio Shows sharing his story.
The images featured in this book are powerful and disturbing. Dawson made a decision to put his story in a book so that even if he dies the story can live on. In August 2017 dawson made Fist Contact with the ET. In a his bizarre account he briefly visited their alien planet by entering an dimensional portal. The conversation he had with the ET implies that soon we will all be meeting the ET. Dawson was ask for a genetic sample that included having a sexual encounter with a female Lyrian Geneticist. Dawson requested a world wide display of alien presence to initiate their arrival and further contact with our world.

Ronny’s Book
Amazon Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Ronny-Dawson-UFO-Story-Alien-ebook/dp/B01N366GEL
Barnes and Nobel: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/ronny-dawson-ufo-story-ronny-dawson/1123903088
Take A Lot: https://www.takealot.com/ronny-dawson-ufo-story-alien-proof/PLID52296330

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