UFO Buster Radio News – 212 : Man Jailed For Shooting At Aliens & Lazar FBI Raid Connected to Murder

Manny/ April 18, 2019/ From Manny

Man receives prison sentence for shooting at fireflies he thought were ‘alien lasers’
Article Link: https://myfox8.com/2019/04/16/pennsylvania-man-receives-prison-sentence-for-shooting-at-fireflies-he-thought-were-alien-lasers/?fbclid=IwAR246LOTII4QiD49YoqKsfmnH_nOZ_W0yy5KxhBZao-eZ2mPI57oSgZIGsY
LAMAR TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man who fired shots at what he thought were “alien lasers” is headed to prison.
Troopers said Jesse Shields, of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, was high on bath salts last June when he fired a handgun into the sky near Mill Hall.
The “alien lasers” he shot at were actually fireflies.
Fearing they were being chased, Shields and a woman, Katherine McCloskey, ran to a nearby home where the homeowner got the gun from them and called 911.
Shields then allegedly asked the homeowner if he could take a shower to “get the goo off him that was burning his skin.”
Shields was sentenced Monday to three to six years in prison after pleading guilty last month to criminal trespass and firearms without a license.
Exclusive – Documents From FBI Raid of Bob Lazar!
Article Link: https://www.coyotestail.com/post/exclusive-documents-from-fbi-raid-of-bob-lazar?fbclid=IwAR1dmNwe4rRoufkWOdyI8Mw2rz5JLfKqIluBhUIqJ-PxEdIoAVqFmkWORzY

The Laingsburg Police’s report is indeed an “Agency Assist” report, which details the July 19, 2017, search of United Nuclear Scientific- the business owned and operated by alleged “former Area-51 employee and UFO whistleblower,” Bob Lazar.
Though not directly stated in the report, it can be inferred the stated purpose for the search of Lazar’s business stems from the 2015 murder of 31-year-old Janel Sturzl in Houghton, Michigan.

The quick back story on this:
After the sudden onset of an unknown, debilitating illness, Janel Sturzl was hospitalized in the fall of 2015. After being transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, it was discovered that Janel had been poison by lethal levels of thallium. Sadly, on December 22, 2015, Janel Sturzl passed away from the effects of the poisoning. Houghton Police classified her death as a homicide, and the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department, Michigan State Police and FBI agreed to assist in finding this young woman’s killer.

Back to the Lazar search; for me, one of the most intriguing details of the report comes from the inference that, at least initially, Bob Lazar was being viewed as a suspect by the FBI. To be clear, nothing from the report makes me think law enforcement thought Lazar was directly involved in the murder of Janel Sturzl. Instead, there’s the suggestion the FBI thought Lazar was potentially involved in the unlawful possession or distribution of toxic chemicals. The basis for my saying this comes from several items listed in the Laingsburg Police report.

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