The Dark Horde Author Spotlight: Leon Bibi

Manny/ June 18, 2019/ From Manny

LEON BIBI is the author of “Adam = Alien”. Leon is a historian and researcher of archaeology, human and ancient history, biology, Egyptology and religious philosophy. Leon is an adjunct Professor of Alternative Science, featured guest speaker on George Noory’s “Coast to Coast” radio show and will be a guest speaker on the History Channel’s Ancient Alien Series.
He has been invited to speak about the Ancient Alien subject at various conferences, and both radio and television. Leon has a B.A from Washington University in St. Louis and attended Law School at the University of Miami (FL). He was a CEO of a Consumer Products company for 22 years, and a member of the prestigious “Young Presidents Organization” for 17 years. He is a professional drummer playing and recording music throughout his adult life. Leon lives with his family on the East Coast of the United States
Book: Adam Decoded: A Brief History of Man’s True Origins (Adam Series)
Book: Adam = Alien: Unveiling Our True Origins (The Adam Series)

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