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It appears the U.S. government is softening us up for a revelation, either regarding extraterrestrial life or a world-disruptive military technology. It’s sad to say that alien life seems like the safer option.

Perhaps the only thing more curious than the news that the U.S. Navy is establishing new guidelines for reporting UFO sightings is the decision to let the public know. For decades, we have assumed government secrecy on such matters. In Ed Wood’s 1959 film, Plan 9 From Outer Space, it is suggested that even a deadly alien invasion would be hidden, at least if casualties were low.

One of the vehicles in question is said to have resembled “a giant Tic Tac” the size of a commercial plane, and the UFOs were able to “accelerate, slow down and then hit hypersonic speeds.” Another is said to be “like a sphere encasing a cube.” These UFOs seem to stay airborne all day, despite having no apparent source of energy. According to the latest Times story, they “appeared almost daily from the summer of 2014 to March 2015” in the skies above the East Coast.

Guesses include U.S. drones (a terrestrial craft), “Von Neumann probes” (self-perpetuating extraterrestrial craft), and a “disinformation campaign” (none of the above). Politico reports that advocates of the Navy’s new UFO reporting rules simply want to change “a culture in which personnel feel that speaking up about it could hurt their career.”

The UFO sightings described in the Times, by contrast, are shared experiences, discussed by multiple personnel, and captured on tape. When that happens, covering it up—especially given the human tendency to pass on amazing stories—can cause more trouble than reporting it.

f the UFOs turned out to be man-made, then the first worry would be that the inventors weren’t American. The second worry would be that they were. If China or Russia had developed a force-field propulsion technology, whatever that is, they could use their new power for ill, as they have in the past.

These UFOs could change human history, but, for now, we aren’t giving them much thought. They’re just floating about, unexplained and unidentified, and we have work to do. But mention them in conversation and they’re likely to lead to nervous humor, as do most things unfamiliar and out of our control.
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