UFO Buster Radio News – 270: Borisov Interstellar Madness Originated 7.6 Trillion Miles Away

Manny/ September 26, 2019/ From Manny

SPACE INVADER Mystery object approaching our solar system ‘journeyed from alien star 7.6TRILLION miles away’

Link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/10004693/mystery-interstellar-object-star/

SPACE INVADER Mystery object approaching our solar system ‘journeyed from alien star 7.6TRILLION miles away’

THE mysterious visitor to our Solar System that has baffled scientists for weeks journeyed from an alien star over 7trillion miles away.

Astronomers first spotted the strange object in early September, and are still stumped as to what it is, and where exactly it came from.

Previously given the catchy title “C/2019 Q4”, scientists have now renamed it 2I/Borisov after amateur Ukrainian astronomer Gennadiy Borisov, who discovered it in August.

Following intensive study, Polish experts say they’ve now pinpointed a key checkpoint in its travels.

Around a million years ago, 2I/Borisov passed the binary star Kruger 60, which is around 13 light-years – or 7.6trillion miles – from Earth.

‘Oumuamua Isn’t from Our Solar System. Now We May Know Which Star It Came From
Link: https://www.space.com/41928-where-did-oumuamua-come-from.html

Astronomers believe that ‘Oumuamua (the name means “messenger from afar arriving first” in Hawaiian) must have come from a solar system with at least one large gas giant planet in order for it to have been kicked out and set off across the universe. As of yet, all four candidate stars are planet-less — but that could always change.

The new research is described in a paper posted Sept. 24 to the preprint site arXiv.org and has been accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal.

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