UFO Buster Radio News – 291: Florida UFO Haven and India Headed to Venus

Manny/ November 8, 2019/ From Manny

Florida one of most ‘alien-active’ states
Link: https://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20191108/florida-one-of-most-rsquoalien-activersquo-states

A center that tracks suspected UFO sightings reports that Florida has more than any other state except for California and Northwest Florida has had its fair share of sightings.

A center that tracks suspected UFO sightings reports that Florida has more than any other state except for California and Northwest Florida has had its fair share of sightings.

According to the latest data from the National UFO Reporting Center, Florida has had 6,693 reports in the center’s history. California has nearly twice that many with close to 14,000.

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The other top 10 “alien-active” states are Washington with just over 6,000, Texas with about 5,000, New York at 4,700, Arizona at 4,100, Pennsylvania at just under 4,000, Illinois with about 3,700, Ohio at 3,665 and Michigan with just over 3,000.

Gulf Breeze: Six people were hanging out on the back porch of a friend’s house June 9, 2019 when they pulled up apps on their phones to look at the stars and try to find Jupiter. Just before 10 p.m. they spotted a light in the sky that was almost as bright as the north star. It has no blinking lights but had a blue blur behind it. It was viewed by six adults, all over the age of 35, all of whom were sober, according to the report. “It traveled the night sky in a straight line for around a minute … it stayed a constant speed, then phased out … totally disappeared, no explosion, no giant flash. It was there and then it wasn’t.”

Fort Walton Beach: On April 9, 2019 at about 9 p.m., an individual who went for a walk near the Santa Rosa Mall reported seeing a “defined slim triangle with six round dimly orange glowing lights” moving slowly and quietly just above the tree line. “I spent the next hour in the park staring up at the sky, in shock, when I finally got home and tried to go about my normal business, I discovered the internet was down in my neighborhood.”

India Has a New Planetary Target in Mind: Venus
Link: https://www.space.com/india-considering-venus-orbiter-mission.html

India has launched just three planetary-science spacecraft, but the country is already eyeing a new destination: Venus.

Scientists and engineers at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have sent plans for a Venus orbiter to the Indian national government and are hoping they’ll get approval to go ahead with the mission. The spacecraft could launch in just a few years and would carry more than a dozen instruments.

“The major objective is to map the Venusian surface and subsurface,” Nigar Shaji, an ISRO scientist, told a group of Venus experts during a meeting held this week in Colorado.

According to Shaji, the Venus orbiter that ISRO is designing would be able to create such a dataset for Venus in about a year. In addition to mapping the surface itself, looking a bit deeper into the planet should help scientists identify volcanic hotspots scattered across Venus.

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