UFO Buster Radio News – 298: Oumuamua and TTSA Alien Alloy Origin

Manny/ November 17, 2019/ From Manny

Can SpaceX Influence The Minds and hearts of The People Like The Shuttle?

Report: Here’s How Tom DeLonge’s UFO Research Group Got Those ‘Alien Alloys’
Link: https://gizmodo.com/report-heres-how-tom-delonges-ufo-research-group-got-t-1839894406

Rather than finding them in the shattered remains of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, TTSA reportedly acquired the “metamaterials” from UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe for $35,000 for the purposes of further study. Motherboard scored an interview with Moulton Howe published Thursday; she says that she, in turn, acquired them from late conspiracy theorist and Coast to Coast AM host Art Bell along with documents purportedly written by a U.S. army sergeant stating they were found by the sergeant’s grandfather.

TTSA reached out in July 2018, when she was still attempting to have the material analyzed, Moulton Howe told Motherboard.

“They call me up and say, ‘we’d like to be able to do an agreement where you could come to San Diego and deliver the piece to us,’” Moulton Howe said. “We’ve got a lab that we’re pretty sure they’re going to be able to do the terahertz test.”

As for the other technology the Army contract with TTSA states may be studied, such as “inertial mass reduction, …electromagnetic metamaterial wave guides, quantum physics, quantum communications, and beamed energy propulsion,” no further word on that or whether they’re connected to a series of weird U.S. Navy patents ranging from high-energy magnetic fields to compact fusion reactors. Some physicists have expressed immense skepticism about the Navy patents, reported the Drive, which appear to refer to similar technologies as the Army contract but could be their own separate military rabbit hole.

Scientists Rule Out Aliens As the Explanation for ‘Oumuamua
Link: https://interestingengineering.com/scientists-rule-out-aliens-as-the-explanation-for-oumuamua

Researchers have been stumped for two years as to what ‘Oumuamua, the structure that was seen passing through the solar system really is.

Astronomers and physicists think it could be an asteroid, but it’s too agile and doesn’t move like a rigid rock. It doesn’t fall under the comet category because its too dry a structure.

Could sunbeams move ‘oumuamua?

Some think its made of a porous material that makes it light enough to be moved by sunbeams but sturdy enough not to break apart as it travels through the solar system. Research out of the University of Oslo supports that theory.

The work, led by Eirik Flekkøy, a physicist at the University of Oslo was inspired by Amay Moro-Martin’s theory that the sun was indeed pushing ‘Oumuamua because it was lightweight enough, according to Popular Science. Moro-Martin is a Spec Telecor Science Institute Astronomer.

Flekkøy and his team wanted to see if that theory was true and after studying ‘Omuamua’s rotation they noticed the slowing of the rotation fit with the theory that light can provide more force on certain surfaces. When the surfaces cool down it two can force movement. So if the sun can cause ‘Oumuamua to turn it could also make it go faster, validating the theory.

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