UFO Buster Radio News – 307: 2004 Nimitz UFO Videos Were #FakeNews?

Manny/ November 27, 2019/ From Manny

Navy’s NEMESIS tied to UFO reports by former Area 51 veteran
Link: https://www.koin.com/mystery-wire/navys-nemesis-tied-to-ufo-reports-by-former-area-51-veteran/

MYSTERY WIRE — A new Navy program called NEMESIS would make it very difficult for enemies to distinguish between fake and real targets. The secrets behind the program ensure the military isn’t going to tell us very much about it.

But a former Area 51 insider is already connecting the dots to UFO reports. Could NEMESIS be the reason for the sudden spike in sightings?

Navy’s NEMESIS tied to UFO reports by former Area 51 veteran
Link: https://www.mysterywire.com/ufo/navys-nemesis-tied-to-ufo-reports-by-former-area-51-veteran/

MYSTERY WIRE — A new report on The War Zone suggests the building interest in UFOs could be met with the same style of government response that previously hushed people who were convinced we were on the verge of meeting extra-terrestrial beings.

A Navy program called NEMESIS — Netted Emulation of Multi-Element Signature against Integrated Sensors — has the potential to overwhelm enemy sensor networks during combat. NEMESIS would make it very difficult for enemies to distinguish between fake and real targets.

Among the things NEMESIS might explain:

•The trend of UFO reports from ships and fighters using brand-new radar systems
•Sightings of an underwater phenomenon that seemed to be the source of UFOs that suddenly popped up on radar
•Similarities in visual reports on UFOs and the design of “balloon-based metallic spheres” that date back to the ’60s

Note: Before acknowledging the legitimacy of the 2004 UFO videos earlier this year, the U.S. Navy advised pilots and radar operators to refer to them as UAPs — Unknown or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. The stigma of the term UFO surely played a part. Is the removal of the word “object” just as important?

Area 51 Veteran And CIA Electronic Warfare Pioneer Weigh In On Navy UFO Encounters
Link: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/31151/area-51-veteran-and-cia-electronic-warfare-pioneer-weigh-in-on-navy-ufo-encounters

t’s a 70-year old mystery that, until recently, had been largely relegated to society’s rebelliously curious. Now, thanks in no small part to three Department of Defense videos showing some kind of unidentified aircraft soaring through restricted airspace, the topic of UFOs has suddenly reemerged as a subject worthy of mainstream attention. First hitting the public almost two years ago after originally being filmed by the targeting pods of Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighters in 2004 and 2014-2015, interest in these clips has only been bolstered by a recent official statement from the Navy saying, indeed, these blurry objects are “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or “UAP.” In other words, their type and origin remain unknown, at least officially.

The CIA launched an audacious program to develop technology that could electronically generate and interject false targets into the Soviet radars, to trick them “seeing” and tracking non-existent “ghost aircraft.” The project’s codename was PALLADIUM.

A source of contention amongst aviation and UFO enthusiasts, beyond Navy eye-witness accounts and the three brief ATFLIR targeting pod videos released by former Blink-182 frontman Tom Delonge’s UFO-related company To The Stars Academy, no other data on the alleged UFO encounters has been made public.

Poteat was, however, able to offer some little-known details about PALLADIUM that potentially hold significance to recent UFO reports.

Undeniably, there are some conspicuous similarities between when the USS Nimitz (in 2004) and USS Roosevelt (in 2014-2015) carrier strike groups began to encounter strange unknown aerial objects. Namely, these encounters occurred only after the groups had begun using a host of brand-new and highly sophisticated technologies,

T.D. Barnes believes the deployment of these new technologies to be key and thinks it’s likely the Navy’s “UFO encounters” involved simultaneously testing of ship’s air defense capabilities and the ability of new technologies to defeat them. “Testing and evaluating advanced technology, both domestic and our adversaries was much of what we did while I was with Special Projects at Area 51,” said Barnes.

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