UFO Buster Radio News – 314: Kiss My Ass SETI and Saturn’s Enceladus

Manny/ December 9, 2019/ From Manny

New Zealand volcano eruption: Jacinda Ardern says ‘scale of tragedy is devastating’ – latest updates
Link: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2019/dec/10/new-zealand-volcano-eruption-white-island-blast-latest-updates

The New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has made a statement to parliament about the volcano’s eruption. She confirmed that of the 47 people on or near White Island at the time of the eruption, five were dead, eight were missing and 31 sustained injuries “many of them critical”.

“The scale of this tragedy is devastating”, she told parliament. “Our hearts go out to the families of those who are injured, missing or deceased.

Ardern paid tribute to the pilots and crew of three helicopters who flew to the island after the eruption to help the rescue operation.

She said among those missing citizens from Australia, the US, the UK, China, Germany, Malaysia and New Zealand.

“To those who have lost or are missing family and friends, we share in your grief and sorrow and we are devastated,” Ardern said.

“To our international partners and friends, we will do everything we can to support you as you have supported us in times past.

“In particular, our family in Australia has been heavily impacted… We feel the pull of our bond acutely at this time.”

Alien discovery in 2020? Experts remain skeptical, but enthusiasts continue search

Link: https://news3lv.com/news/local/alien-discovery-in-2020-experts-remain-skeptical-but-enthusiasts-continue-search

“They love the idea that the government knows about the aliens and its keeping this information from them buts it’s unclear why they would do that. If there are aliens wouldn’t the FAA be interested to know that?” said Dr. Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer fellow with the SETI Institute.

His job? To try to uncover evidence of life beyond our planet.

Those government videos, however, aren’t the evidence he’s looking for.

As to the question of whether he believes we’ll see proof of a real-life ET in the next year?

“I don’t see any major developments that I can realistically anticipate that is going to answer the question: ‘Is there any biology beyond earth?’ But in the next 10 or 20 years, I think something will happen,” he said.

It’s been a big year for believers, with viral videos and the #StormArea51 event causing a major buzz in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Aliens were everywhere, except right in front of us, in person.

Will 2020 be the year? We don’t know, but he, along with thousands of others, will continue searching, trained with eyes in the skies.


Link: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/nasa-enceladus-saturn-moon-stripes-explained-a9239361.html

Evidence of liquid water on Enceladus began to accumulate in 2005, when scientists observed plumes containing water vapor spewing from its south polar surface, with jets moving 250 kg of water vapor every second at up to 2,189 km/h (1,360 mph) into space.
“What makes them especially interesting is that they are continually erupting with water ice, even as we speak. No other icy planets or moons have anything quite like them.”
Astronomers did not know why the stripes appeared to form only on the southern pole, as well as why they were so evenly spaced across that surface.
“We want to know why the eruptions are located at the south pole as opposed to some other place on Enceladus, how these eruptions can be sustained over long periods of time and finally why these eruptions are emanating from regularly spaced cracks,” said Max Rudolph, assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Davis.

The other major breakthrough was the discovery that when the cracks formed in the surface, ocean water spewed out of the gap that was left. That allowed three more cracks to form neatly across the surface.

The discovery was made using numerical modelling, which allowed scientists to understand the forces that act on the icy shell that encases Enceladus.

Saturn’s icy moon is one of the most interesting places in the solar system for scientists. It is not only one of the prime candidates for being home to extraterrestrial life – because of the ocean that hides beneath its surface – but also because it remains so mysterious.

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