UFO Buster Radio News – 315: 1967 Falcon Lake UFO & 2025 Space Trash

Manny/ December 10, 2019/ From Manny

The Falcon Lake UFO Files
Link: https://news.umanitoba.ca/the-falcon-lake-ufo-files/

On May 20, 1967, something happened in the wilderness around Falcon Lake, Manitoba, that has never been adequately explained. Stefan Michalak, an amateur geologist who liked to prospect in the wilderness around Falcon Lake, said he had been examining a quartz vein about noon that day when he was startled by geese suddenly agitated by something nearby.

He said he looked up to see two saucer-shaped flying objects overhead, one of which descended and appeared to land about 45 metres away. He spent the next half-hour sketching the object then got brave enough to walk towards it.

However, the object took off suddenly with a blast of hot gas, burning Michalak in the process. Later, radioactive debris was found at the site by military and RCMP investigators. Neither the RCMP nor the Canadian Forces were able to explain the event.

Chris Rutkowski (BSc/83, MEd/92), a prominent Canadian ufologist, will give a talk about this remarkable incident on November 7, 2019, at 7:00 pm, in Archives & Special Collections.

Rutkowski will be joined by Stefan’s son Stan Michalak, who was nine years old when his dad had this encounter. During the event, for the first time ever, Stefan’s shirt and hat that were burned during the event will be on public display.

The talk and presentation mark Rutkowski’s donation to University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections of his extensive personal collection and files on this case and other UFO sightings and related phenomena from across Canada. These include more than 20,000 separate UFO reports filed with various agencies since 1989, almost 10,000 Canadian government UFO documents, plus more than 1,000 books from Rutkowski’s personal library on UFOs and related phenomena.

European Space Agency to launch space debris collector in 2025.
Link: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/dec/09/european-space-agency-to-launch-clearspace-1-space-debris-collector-in-2025

A four-armed robotic junk collector will be launched into space by the European Space Agency in what it says will be the first mission to remove an item of debris from orbit.

The ClearSpace-1 mission, scheduled for launch in 2025, will cost €120m and will grab a single piece of junk. But the agency hopes the mission will pave the way for a wide-reaching clear-up operation, with Esa’s director general calling for new rules that would compel those who launch satellites to take responsibility for removing them from orbit once they are retired from use.

“Imagine how dangerous sailing the high seas would be if all the ships ever lost in history were still drifting on top of the water,” said Jan Wörner, Esa’s director general. “That is the current situation in orbit, and it cannot be allowed to continue.”

The target for ClearSpace-1 is a piece of junk called Vespa, which was left in an orbit around 800km above the Earth by ESA’s Vega launcher in 2013. Vespa weighs 100kg – around the size of a small satellite – and was selected because it has a simple shape and sturdy construction, which make it unlikely to fragment when it is grabbed.

The “chaser” ClearSpace space probe will be launched into the target orbit where it will track down Vespa, grab it using a quartet of robotic arms and drag it out of orbit, with Vespa and the chaser both burning up in the atmosphere on the way down to Earth.

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