UFO Buster Radio News – 316: Water Means ET Life and Odessa Texas Incident

Manny/ December 12, 2019/ From Manny

Link: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/alien-planet-water-extraterrestrial-life-exoplanet-space-a9241811.html

Water is “common” on alien worlds, scientists have found in a study that could change our understanding of how planets form and where we might find alien life.

The discovery comes from the most extensive survey of the chemical compositions of planets ever conducted, and challenges our search for water in our own solar system and elsewhere.

Water is thought to be a key component of extraterrestrial life, and so finding it elsewhere in the universe is likely to be central to discovering whether aliens exist elsewhere in the universe.

The researchers used data from 19 exoplanets to get detailed measurements of the chemical and thermal properties of exoplanets. They looked at a wide variety of different worlds, from relatively small “mini-Neptunes” only 10 times bigger than our Earth to “super-Jupiters” that are as big as 600 of our own planet, and from places that are between 20C and 2000C.

They found that water was “common” across many of those exoplanets. But they also discovered that there was less of it on those planets than expected, and there was great variety between the different kinds of worlds.

Using data from a huge array of different telescopes, both in space and on the ground, the researchers found that water vapour was present in 14 of th 19 planets, and that there was also an abundance of sodium and potassium in six planets.

The new data gives us a detailed understanding of exoplanets that we don’t even have of our nearest neighbours, scientists said.

“Measuring the abundances of these chemicals in exoplanetary atmospheres is something extraordinary, considering that we have not been able to do the same for giant planets in our solar system yet, including Jupiter, our nearest gas giant neighbour,” said Luis Welbanks, lead author of the study and PhD student at the Institute of Astronomy.

The Odessa Radio Tower UFO Incident
Link: https://www.ufoinsight.com/the-odessa-radio-tower-ufo-incident/

A sighting of a UFO over a radio tower for around an hour in Odessa, Texas in the summer of 1973 is a case that, according to many UFO researchers who have since examined it, should have a greater standing in the UFO history books. Not least due to the multiple different witness testimonies concerning the incident.

In fact, the incident was largely unreported until the early-2000s with the arrival of the Internet when the main witness along with several others (who were members of the same family) would report the incident to UFO investigators.

On the evening of 7th July 1973, a little after 6 pm in the evening, Stanley Wilson was napping at his home following a particularly grueling day at work with the state highway department. As he was dozing the phone rang in the Wilson household. Stanley’s wife, Judy answered. It was her husband’s grandmother. Several moments later, Judy was waking her husband and asking him to go outside with her. According to his grandmother, who also lived in Odessa in the southern part of the city, “a UFO was heading their way”.

Stanley and Judy both looked at each other, and then back at the hovering craft in amazement. He would recall how they “both knew it was probably an alien ship”. As they were both watching the futuristic craft hovering in the air, Stanley’s sister, Georgia, and her husband, Jim’s car came “flying around the corner”. As they jumped out yells of “did you see it?” punched the air as they both rushed toward Stanley and Judy.

All four of them stood and looked up and mysterious craft as it hovered over the KBZB radio tower.

As the four of them stood in the yard of the Wilsons’ home, Stanley suddenly had the idea of tuning into the radio station. When they did so, the disc jockey remarked how “a UFO above the station was causing static”. At one point, Stanley would even call into the station, informing the disc jockey that they were watching the UFO that he was talking about.

When he got through to the radio station again, he claimed to have spoken to the disc jockey, off-air. He claimed that a “government request” was made that they instantly stop their reporting of the UFO or they would “lose their (broadcasting) license”.

Strange And Suspicious Happenings Continue For Weeks After!

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