UFO Buster Radio News – 327: SpaceX UFO Antenna, Stan Romanek News, and Got Res Dwarfs?

Manny/ January 9, 2020/ From Manny

Link: https://futurism.com/the-byte/elon-musk-starlink-ufo-stick

Stargazers have already mistaken SpaceX’s Starlink satellites for alien spacecraft. Now, CEO Elon Musk says the devices used to connect to the micro-sats will look like UFOs, too.

The Starlink Terminal will look like “a thin, flat, round UFO on a stick,” Musk tweeted on Tuesday, noting that users will just need to plug in the device and point it at the sky to access SpaceX’s satellite internet network.

“These instructions work in either order,” he added. “No training required.”

On Monday, SpaceX successfully deployed its third batch of Starlink satellites, bringing the total number now in space up to at least 172. It has plans to complete upwards of 20 more launches in 2020 on the path to its ultimate goal of 42,000 deployed satellites.

Our Best Shot At Finding Alien Life Might Be Around This Type of Star
Link: https://www.discovermagazine.com/the-sciences/astronomers-find-a-type-of-star-that-might-offer-our-best-odds-of-finding

K dwarfs are a type of red dwarf — stars smaller and redder than our sun and other “G-type” stars. But, among red dwarfs, they’re the larger ones; red dwarfs on the smaller end of the spectrum are called M dwarfs.

The majority of stars in the Milky Way galaxy are red dwarfs. For that reason, astronomers have been very interested in learning what surface conditions — and, thus, the potential for hosting organisms — would be like for planets orbiting these stars. One big concern is that M dwarfs tend to give off a lot of high-energy X-ray and UV radiation, which can be harmful for life.

K dwarfs, on the other hand, don’t give off so much dangerous radiation. A group of researchers, including Edward Guinan, an astronomer at Villanova University, found that planets orbiting K dwarfs would probably only get bombarded by one-hundredth the X-ray radiation that planets around M dwarfs would receive.

Stars like our sun spend about 10 billion years in the stable, “main sequence” phases of their lives before ballooning into red giants. But K dwarfs can live for 15 to 45 billion years before growing into red giants, giving planets around them much more time to potentially evolve life — and keep living things around for longer.

Stanley Romanek: Extremely contagious illness prevents court appearance
Link: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/local/colorado/2019/04/19/stanley-romanek-extremely-contagious-illness-prevents-court-appearance/3524263002/

LOVELAND, Colo. – A Colorado alien abduction author and convicted sex offender says he has an “extremely contagious” disease that prevents him from appearing in court.

The Loveland Reporter-Herald reports Stanley Romanek was scheduled for a status conference Tuesday, but presiding 8th Judicial District Judge Susan Blanco allowed Romanek and his attorney, Alison Lee Ruttenberg, to appear via conference call.

The purported contagious disease has led Romanek to miss several therapy sessions required by his sentence, which calls for two years of community corrections and at least 10 years of sex offender intensive supervised probation.

Romanek was found guilty in 2017 of felony possession of child pornography in his Loveland home. Romanek was sentenced to two years in a halfway house and ordered to register as a sex offender.

Blanco scheduled Romanek’s next audio conference call for May 7.

January 2019

The recent donations, though few were used for Stan’s recent appointments and re-testing to confirm the info that was deleted at Stan’s request.Now that it’s confirmed however I’m letting you all know what has happened. It appears that Stan was poisoned about 10 years ago. The Dr’s can’t be sure when,how or even why. The poison in his system is called Cadmium. I don’t know much about it other than what Google has to say. I do know that the result is death if not removed. The poisoning has done a lot of damage but the doctors are confident that they can remove the Cadmium and save his life. In order to do that they do Chelation therapy to remove the poison. He’ll need at least 10 chelation treatments. I was just informed that his insurance is still fighting the Dr’s on paying for the treatment. While they are messing around Stan gets more ill and gets closer to death.I was informed today that $1,500 should cover the cost of the 10 treatments. Unfortunately, we still aren’t wealthy and still can’t pay for his treatments without insurance..Or your financial assistance. This isn’t about getting money for frivolous things, this is about saving Stan’s life. Please…Please help if you can. And share the update with those who may be able to help. Thank you…and say a few prayers for Stan!!!Blessings to you all!Lisa

Mar 31, 2019
Stan is scheduled to start the chelation treatments on the 8th of April. Hopefully his health will be restored quickly.
Thank you all for your kindness in helping save his life by donating. I’ll do my best to update as treatment progresses.

Only $500.00 left to reach our goal (after the most recent and amazing donations) and completely pay the costs.
Stan asks that I tell you… He feels blessed and hopeful!

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