UFO Buster Radio News – 346: Oxygen Not Required and SpaceX Madness

Manny/ February 27, 2020/ From Manny

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Scientists Find The First-Ever Animal That Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive
Link: https://www.sciencealert.com/this-is-the-first-known-animal-that-doesn-t-need-oxygen-to-survive?fbclid=IwAR26extRjVa-ikyAcEhbiK4e0akIx5v91_CtvKRhgRhBKA8vnEZZRjXHVys

Some truths about the Universe and our experience in it seem immutable. The sky is up. Gravity sucks. Nothing can travel faster than light. Multicellular life needs oxygen to live. Except we might need to rethink that last one.

Scientists have just discovered that a jellyfish-like parasite doesn’t have a mitochondrial genome – the first multicellular organism known to have this absence. That means it doesn’t breathe; in fact, it lives its life completely free of oxygen dependency.

This discovery isn’t just changing our understanding of how life can work here on Earth – it could also have implications for the search for extraterrestrial life.

“Our discovery confirms that adaptation to an anaerobic environment is not unique to single-celled eukaryotes, but has also evolved in a multicellular, parasitic animal,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

SpaceX gets approval to build its Mars spaceship at Port of L.A.
Link: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-02-25/spacex-building-mars-starship-port-of-los-angeles

SpaceX’s road map to Mars now includes the Port of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles City Council approved a permit Tuesday that allows the Elon Musk-led company to use a site on Terminal Island at the port to build aerospace parts.

SpaceX representatives told L.A. City Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office that the company was interested in the port site because it needed additional manufacturing capacity for its Starship spaceship and rocket booster. A SpaceX representative at last week’s harbor commissioners meeting did not mention Starship by name during his presentation of the project, but he said the company would use the port site to further its goal of creating an interplanetary society that includes Mars.

The site will be used for engineering, manufacturing and research and development work on Starship, Buscaino said minutes before Tuesday’s vote.

“It’s crazy that here we are in 2020 preparing ourselves to send people to Mars, and it’s going to happen in our own backyard, in San Pedro,” he said. “We are becoming a spaceport.”

Elon Musk, His Rocket, and the Grand Scheme that Tore Apart Boca Chica
Link: https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a30709877/elon-musk-space-x-boca-chica-residents/

SpaceX is dismantling a remote beach community at the southernmost end of Texas, one house at a time. Some residents took its money. Others refuse to leave. Still others are sticking around to see what happens.

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