UFO Buster Radio News – 347: Interview – The Orion & Nazca Lines Connection

Manny/ March 5, 2020/ From Manny

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Guest Sean “Ryushin” Malone chats with Manny about his research into the connection between Orion and the Nazca lines of Peru.

I believe I may have solved the Nazca lines. What they are are a 3D star map of the Orion groups territory markings to ward off other ETs as to who’s planet this is or was, Orion’s. I have also connected the Nazca alien mummies to King Akhenaten. I believe Stonehenge was actually an Adrenochrome harvest clock to worship Orion. Hence why it was partially destroyed by the people when they found out what was going on and why the elite rebuilt it in 1901. I believe the WW2 holocaust was an Adrenochrome Harvest trade with Orion for technology. I believe they targeted the Jews because of Moses leaving Egypt 5000 years prior.

I found my evidence by realizing that the nazi death marches are in the shape of Orion to honor them. The identical railroads were built in secret underground in the heart of American in the shape of Orion. Since my discovery of the Orion Lines being territory marks, proof that aliens are real and that they come from Orion, the new space force logo is without the Orion star constellation. A good thing considering they’ve been eating human beings in secret.

Sean’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7quKpol-sum20vK4EGXOhA

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