UFO Buster Radio News – 352: SpaceX UFO, Footballer Sparks Conspiracy, Asgardia Covid-19 Response

Manny/ March 27, 2020/ From Manny

Alien discovery: UFO spotted during SpaceX livestream, alien hunters claim
Link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1261177/alien-discovery-ufo-sighting-spacex-livestream-alien-evidence-starlink-elon-musk

A live-stream from one of SpaceX’s Starlink while the satellite was in Earth’s orbit appears to show two mysterious entities zooming past the camera. Conspiracy theorists have claimed it was a silver UFO either monitoring Earth or the satellite rocket.

Prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring uploaded the footage to his website, claiming that aliens are constantly monitoring humanity and Earth.

The conspiracy theorist added that similar sightings of UFOs have been made before, such as during the Shuttle Atlantis launch.

Mr Waring wrote on his ET Database: “Guys this was live streamed on March 18th and was reported to me by a friend on Facebook who noticed it. I went back to the original SpaceX live stream video and checked it out and yes it was there.

“There seems to be two of them within a 20 seconds, but the closer one is easier to see. Its detail is like a silver bowl, its domes on top and bottom are huge and fat, the side disk edges are small and thin.

UFO sighting: Top footballer sparks conspiracy meltdown with ‘Mars attacks’ video
Link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1260772/UFO-sighting-video-aliens-footballer-Simon-Church

The UFO video prompted bizarre claims of alien visitors and “extraterrestrials from Proxima Centauri”. Simon Church, 31, the former striker for Plymouth Argyle, shared the video with his 23,000 Twitter followers in search of answers.

He tweeted: “Just seen the craziest thing whilst having a look at Venus tonight.

“It was way too high to be a drone and then just disappeared #ufo #ufosighting #crazy #whatdoyouthink”

In a follow-up tweet, he said: “It was moving quickly then just disappeared surely can’t be going mad after day two of isolation…”

The shaky video features a blob-like unidentified flying object that vanishes from sight towards the end.

Mr Church said he caught the object on camera at about 8.30pm on March 24 and it was “moving sharpish”.

One person who saw the video replied: “That’s the real deal. Congratulations amazing capture.”

Another person said: “He’d like to come and meet us, but he’s scared he’ll blow our minds.”

A third Twitter user said: “First wave of extraterrestrial from Proxima Centauri checking if we are down yet – but will never take Wales.”

In a bid to explain the UFO, some have suggested it was a Chinese lantern or a drone.

However, the prevailing theory is the footballer chanced upon the International Space Station (ISS) during an unusually clear night.

COVID-19 is here, and you need to act now if you aren’t already.
Link: https://asgardia.space/en/news/Coronavirus-How-to-Stay-Safe-And-Keep-Others-Safe

There is one very simple thing that we can do and that works: social distancing. You need to stay home as much as possible, for as long as possible until the situation improves. Read that book you’ve been putting aside, get your spring cleaning done, or just keep working from home if that’s an option. Look on the bright side: you finally have a good reason to be a couch potato for a bit.

On a less positive note, while several countries already went on lockdown, in almost every instance it happened too late after the virus already spread. Each day matters and each day authorities drag their feet can lead to exponential growth of the number of infected people. Countries that act fast can reduce the number of deaths by a factor of ten.

If you’re a business owner, a government official, or any other kind of authority figure, you have the power to prevent cases of COVID-19 by making the right decision: getting people to stay home.

If you’re not in a position of power, you can still act.

•Stay home as much as possible
•Keep away from large gatherings
•Keep a distance of 1+ meters between yourself and other people
•Avoid using public transport when you can
•Keep your hands clean and away from your face: wash them regularly with soap for at least 20-40 seconds
•Wear a mask in public spaces — it helps prevent the virus from spreading
•If you feel any symptoms like coughing, fever, shortness of breath — contact a medical specialist immediately
•Try to stock up on non-perishable groceries and basic supplies, as well as cash (yes, that needs to be done with additional sanitizing measures) — global financial markets, banks and institutions are unstable right now (and future lockdowns in countries aren’t gonna be any good for that).

There is no need to panic, but ignoring facts and doing nothing isn’t an option. Asgardians, stay safe.

Vina Lapkes

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