UFO Buster Radio News – 355: Indonesia Say No To Waring, Poland Gets Starlinked, and Skinwalker Ranch UFO?

Manny/ April 6, 2020/ From Manny

UFO Experts Claim There Reptile Alien Sightings in NASA Photos
Link: https://inet.detik.com/science/d-4961866/pakar-ufo-klaim-ada-penampakan-alien-reptil-di-foto-nasa

Jakarta -People who claim to be UFO experts say there are alien sightings in the form of reptiles on Planet Mars . Based on the statement, these reptiles live together with an alien race that lives there.

Quoted from IBTimes , this claim again came from Scott Waring who was involved in the search for evidence of alien life. Through his ET Data Base website, Waring said the photos he observed were owned by Gigapan, a website of photographs of the Red Planet taken from one of NASA’s rover vehicles, Curiosity

Based on detailed photos, the sightings were taken on SOL 1448 which is the same as September 1, 2016 on Earth. At that time Waring looked at the photo and found a strange-looking object to the left of the picture, then he enlarged the picture.

“When I saw Sol 1448 Mars, I noticed a strange creature on the hill. The object was like a lizard species, but not as we see it on Earth,” Waring wrote in his upload.

This is not a UFO – Starlink satellites over Poland
Link: https://www.urania.edu.pl/wiadomosci/to-nie-ufo-satelity-starlink-nad-polska

Our editorial staff receives a lot of questions about strange sequences of light points moving together in the sky. These artificial satellites sent into orbit by SpaceX belonging to Elon Musk. The company plans to send 12,000, and for now launched 360 in five series.

You can read more about Starlink satellites in our special article or follow the latest news about them . We also recommend the book ” Rocket billionaires “, which tells, among others on the activities of Elon Musk.

Starlink satellites are an interesting view, but they also give rise to serious fears of astronomers and many other people caring for the world around us and the view of the starry sky as a common heritage of humanity, which should remain available for future generations.

Venus is also not a UFO
By the way, it is worth adding that the very bright “star” now visible in the evenings is also not a UFO or a geostationary satellite, but the planet Venus (we also receive a lot of such questions).

Did the History Channel capture a UFO at Skinwalker Ranch?
Link: https://1428elm.com/2020/04/01/history-channel-ufo-skinwalker-ranch/

Skinwalker Ranch is known for its UFO sightings and paranormal activity. In a livestream 12-hour feed on You Tube, the History Channel may have captured an unknown triangular shaped object on camera.

In an inspired promotional event for the new series, the History Channel set up a 12-hour livestream at the location on You Tube. For the most part, the feed was uneventful. However, at 3:07:20 a triangular shaped object with green lights appeared in the frame.

Some of the viewers felt that it was part of the security crew’s Jeep lights while others definitely couldn’t identify this anomaly. After all, when the Sherman’s lived there back in the 1990’s they were plagued by paranormal activity, cattle mutilations, creature manifestations, aliens and UFOs. The land was cursed by the Navajos so anything can and does happen.

At 9:45:15 when a meteor is captured onscreen.

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