UFO Buster Radio News – 360: The Starship Load, ‘God-like’ Beings Near the Sun, and Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

Manny/ April 16, 2020/ From Manny

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SpaceX Releases New Starship “User Guide” with Payload and Passenger Info
Link: https://news.yahoo.com/spacex-releases-starship-user-guide-130033562.html

When you buy a new gadget, it’s important to review the user guide so you know exactly how it works. For those who’ve recently bought a ticket to outer space on Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship, that user guide has arrived — at least in part.

A new five-page press release offers some insight into the lofty plans of the still-under-R&D Starship, with most of the information surrounding the details of the payload it can carry. Of course, the company acknowledges that “this is the initial release of the Starship User’s Guide, and it will be updated frequently in response to customer feedback.”

While it may just look like your typical silver rocket, SpaceX has always envisioned the Starship as a reusable shuttle for recurring trips to the moon, Mars, and around the Earth. In this way, the ship could not only help lead humans into interplanetary life, but it could also provide aid to existing and future space stations.

The new user guide evens outlines a scenario where the company could place several loads into the cargo hold at once and drop each in a separate location with a fairing door that opens and closes.

Starship Payload Guide

Click to access starship_users_guide_v1.pdf

Alien shock claim: UFO hunter says he has spotted ‘god-like’ beings near the Sun
Link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1269783/alien-claim-god-sighting-ufo-video-scott-waring-nasa-sun-space-sighting

ALIEN hunters believe they have found “energy beings” feeding off the energy of the Sun, and even argue the objects could be some form of a God.

Prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has made an extraordinary claim that he has discovered intelligent beings floating in space. Mr Waring spotted the objects, which he believes to be up to 1.5 km and appear to be a grey UFO-like sphere, while browsing through NASA’s images of the Sun.

The UFO enthusiast argues, by analysing the movement of these entities, they are intelligent and are living beings.

While he does not, or cannot, explain how these objects survive in space, void of oxygen, he believes they could be God-like.

The alien researcher also claims the entities can move at the speed of light – 299,792,458 metres per second – and are feeding off the Sun’s energy.

He said on his blog ET Database: “The object is huge, looks planet size, but I believe to be about 1.5km across and very close to the satellite [which is observing the Sun] and moves in jumps from place to place, often at or around the speed of light, sometimes leaving trails seen on camera.

He said on his blog ET Database: “The object is huge, looks planet size, but I believe to be about 1.5km across and very close to the satellite [which is observing the Sun] and moves in jumps from place to place, often at or around the speed of light, sometimes leaving trails seen on camera.

“Energy travels at the speed of light too, and this would explain the speed of the objects.

“I believe these are incredibly large energy beings, intelligent beings.

Sean Martin
Science reporter

Sean is a Science Reporter for Express.co.uk. He started his journalism career in New Zealand where he lived for a year after university. When he moved back to London, Sean returned as a business journalist before transferring to science journalism five years ago.


UFO fans recognize abduction claims on Extraterrestrial Abduction Day: Winnipeg UFOlogist
Link: https://globalnews.ca/news/6709279/extraterrestrial-adbuction-day-winnipeg/

Extraterrestrial Abduction Day is an annual focus on those who claim to have had personal encounters with visitors from outer space. And while it’s easy to pass it off as comic book fantasy, a local UFO expert says these incidents have profound impacts on the claimants — whether they’re true or not.

“We do get those reports from time to time that people have said they’ve been contacted directly by aliens,” science writer and ‘weirdologist’ Chris Rutkowski told 680 CJOB.

“Some feel that they have been selected by creatures beyond this Earth to give us a message, or the aliens want to help humankind… and I have to say, if they really want to do that, this would be a time to give us a hand.”

“It’s an interesting phenomenon. Maybe it’s something as simple as misidentification of something else in their lives, but it’s a very profound experience, and the numbers of people having such experiences are very significant,” he said.

“It’s the type of thing where it’s good to have fun with it, but remember at the back of it, there’s some seriousness in the sense that people really do experience these things and it’s rife for being studied by science.”

The Fascination With Alien Abductions Began With the Story of Betty & Barney Hill

The couple claimed they were abducted by aliens in September 1961 in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. They were driving home in the middle of the night after a trip to Montreal, when they saw lights flashing from the sky. They claimed they saw a large spacecraft, with two “bipedal humanoid creatures” inside. They tried to drive away, but suddenly found themselves in the exact same spot where they saw the ship two hours later. They had no memory of what happened in those two hours.

According to the Boston Globe, the Hills later underwent hypnotherapy, which helped them remember the events. In 1965, their story was published in a Boston magazine and they gained national attention.

Barney died in 1969, but Betty lived until 2004 and became a prominent UFO researcher. Their story was told in the 1975 TV movie The UFO Incident with James Earl Jones.

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