UFO Buster Radio News – 361: Conseco Worried About Bigfoot, The Happy Science Covid-19 Cure, and Asgardia Ashurbeyli Conference

Manny/ April 19, 2020/ From Manny

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Jose Canseco is worried Bigfoot, aliens may have coronavirus
Link: https://nypost.com/2020/04/18/jose-canseco-is-worried-bigfoot-may-have-coronavirus/

José Canseco Capas Jr. (born July 2, 1964)[1] is a Cuban-American former Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder and designated hitter. During his time with the Oakland A’s, he established himself as one of the premier power hitters in the game. He won the Rookie of the Year (1986), and Most Valuable Player award (1988), and was a six-time All-Star. Canseco is a two-time World Series winner with the Oakland A’s (1989) and the New York Yankees (2000).

Canseco admitted using performance-enhancing drugs during his playing career, and in 2005 wrote a tell-all book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big, in which he claimed that the vast majority of MLB players use steroids. After retiring from Major League Baseball, he also competed in boxing and mixed martial arts.

Jose Canseco is at it again.

“Can Bigfoot or aliens get Coronavirus I need to know because I have had contact with them,” the steroid-tainted former MLB slugger tweeted Saturday.

When he isn’t stirring the pot with Alex Rodriguez, the 55-year-old Canseco is often ranting about the mythological Bigfoot, aliens and time travel. He even once offered five people the chance to go on a Bigfoot and alien excursion alongside him — though it’s unclear if that ever took place.

“Aliens have been trying to teach us how to time travel but first we have to change our body composition which we are not willing to do we have tried with animals and it has failed,” Canseco tweeted in January.

Inside the Fringe Japanese Religion That Claims It Can Cure Covid-19
Link: https://www.nytimes.com/article/happy-science-japan-coronavirus-cure.html

Happy Science, which boasts millions of followers, is led by a man who channels Buddha (and Jesus and Freddie Mercury) and says he can defeat the coronavirus. For a fee.

When New York went into lockdown last month, emissaries of a religious group called Happy Science showed up in a ghostly Times Square to deliver a peculiar end-of-days gospel. They wore ritual golden sashes and huddled in a semicircle.

“Doomsday may seem to be coming,” a young minister said.

“But the greatest savior,” he continued, “our master, is here on earth.”

Its many, many texts are filled with U.F.O.s, lost continents and demonic warfare; now they detail the supernatural and extraterrestrial origins of the virus.

The exalted star at the center of the Happy Science universe is a former Wall Street trader named Ryuho Okawa, whose followers, incredibly, regard him as the incarnation of a supreme being from Venus. What’s more, he also claims to channel the spirits of hundreds of characters, dead and alive, like Freddie Mercury, Barack Obama and Steve Jobs.

Okawa might leap from a mock U.F.O., clad in feathery angel wings as smoke machines billowed.

By some estimates, Happy Science had revenues of $45 million a year.

According to Happy Science, the virus was created as a bioweapon by the Chinese government in Wuhan, and then, in a twist, it was unleashed by a U.F.O. to punish the communists for their godless ways. It has spread to other lands that lack true faith.

Mr. Okawa also introduced the sacred text of a new ritual purported to miraculously cure the disease. It is conducted in private at temples, in exchange for donations. Japanese ads list several prices for virus-related blessings, going from $100 to more than $400.

Head of Nation on Present and Future of Asgardia
Link: https://asgardia.space/en/news/Head-of-Nation-on-the-Present-and-Future-of-Asgardia

March 24, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, founder and Head of the First Space Nation, gave an unprecedented live interview, answering questions from Asgardians and Residents from around the globe. Anyone from the First Space Nation was invited to start a conversation with Dr. Ashurbeyli. The stream was held simultaneously in 9 languages: English, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese.

Dr Ashurbeyli explained that 70% of Asgardians are young people, for whom it is an urgent and crucial topic.

The Head of Nation talked about the role of Government in education: ‘Asgardia is not a university, Asgardia is a state,’ he said ‘Our task is to create an infrastructure that will allow citizens of Asgardia to realize their ideas. We are open to creating schools and universities. But again, the initiative should come from mayors, prefects, representatives in the countries.’

With so much happening in the First Space Nation, schools and universities can’t be created by the Government itself, but they surely can be supported by it. This is a call for action to Asgardians.

‘Propose projects and we will submit them to tenders for financing within Asgardian Financial Ark,’ said the Head of Nation.

‘Can we launch a scientific university to prepare the Asgardians for the future we are building?’ was the next question.

‘We have to launch it,’ immediately answered Dr Ashurbeyli.

The Head of Nation announced the creation of the Asgardian Academy of Sciences, within the framework of which there will be universities, distance learning as well as implementation of cutting-edge technologies in science and education.

Over 1 millions Asgardians

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