UFO Buster Radio News – 367: Come on Japan, Toronto FC Recognizes Alien Presence, and UAE Is Going to MARS!

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Japan sets up UFO encounter protocols after US releases ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ footage
Link: https://zeenews.india.com/world/japan-sets-up-ufo-encounter-protocols-after-us-releases-unexplained-aerial-phenomena-footage-2280999.html

Days after the US Defense Department released three videos showing mysterious UFO-like objects, the Japan’s Defense Ministry has decided to draw up protocols for potential encounters with UFOs.

It is learnt that Japan government has decided to consider procedures to respond to, record and report encounters, but it is notable that the nature of such objects is unknown and it could lead to confusion in the minds of Self-Defense Forces pilots, including those of F-15 fighter jets.

According to Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono, SDF pilots have never encountered UFOs, but he added that the ministry has decided to set protocols with an aim to cover the possibility.

‘There’s something out there!’ – Altidore wonders if aliens exist after government publish UFO videos
Link: https://www.goal.com/en/news/theres-something-out-there-altidore-wonders-if-aliens-exist/2ctik5wa1omt1rjhjtppizmgv

Last week, the Pentagon released three videos captured by infrared cameras on U.S. Navy jets that seem to show mysterious “aerial phenomena”.

Recorded during training flights in 2004 and 2015, they show unidentified flying objects moving so quickly that they amaze the pilots watching them.

The release did not garner much attention as the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate headlines across the world, but the story did not sneak by Toronto FC striker Altidore.

The U.S. men’s national team forward did his part to promote the story by sharing tweets from news outlets, but was disappointed to see the world ignore potential evidence of aliens.

“That’s crazy. I don’t think people are paying close attention,” the American told Vice Sports. “The U.S. government has just dropped this news on us and no one has noticed.

“That shows how crazy these times are. They just indicated that they see UFOs flying around, and because of the coronavirus nobody is interested.

“So I had to tweet that just so people would see it.”

The UAE is going to Mars. Here’s the plan for its Hope orbiter.
Link: https://www.space.com/united-arab-emirates-hope-mars-mission.html

The United Arab Emirates had its sights set on Mars the day before it launched its second satellite ever.

The resulting mission, a Mars orbiter dubbed Hope, has finished construction and is scheduled to launch this summer among a rush of spacecraft bound for the Red Planet. If all goes well, the UAE will become the fourth or fifth country to orbit Mars next February. While the country’s newly minted scientists are dedicated to learning something new about Mars, inquiry wasn’t the motivation for the mission.

“Going to Mars was not the main objective,” Omran Sharaf, mission lead for the Hope spacecraft, which is also known as the Emirates Mars Mission, told Space.com. “It’s a means for a bigger goal: to expedite the development in our educational sector, academic sector.”

Jumping from Earth orbit to Mars in less than a decade is quite a leap, but a purposeful one for the UAE, which turned its gaze to spaceflight in 2006. “Only 50% of those missions [to Mars] succeed,” Sarah Al Amiri, science lead for the mission and the UAE’s minister of state for advanced sciences, told Space.com. “It provides the mindset that the UAE needed to have in youth who are going to be a vital part of the UAE’s post-oil economy. It’s about expanding their horizons and putting them in challenges at a time when the UAE is relatively comfortable as a nation.”

“We’re not there just to declare arrival to Mars,” Al Amiri said. “It doesn’t really make sense to call it planetary exploration and just make it about technology demonstration and about arrival.”

So, Hope aims to monitor what’s happening in the Martian atmosphere for a full local year, including making connections between layers of the atmosphere. That will help scientists understand not only Martian weather, but also how Mars has lost some of its atmosphere over billions of years of planetary history.

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