The Dark Horde – 19: Special Guest Victoria “The Paranormal Perfect Storm” and founder of Wyldwood Paranormal

Manny/ June 27, 2020/ From Manny

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People have asked me “what are you”? I dont know. I don’t really consider my self a “psychic medium”. An empath, yeh, but everyone is going around saying they are empathic and it’s lost the real meaning, imho.

As far as I go, I jokingly called myself “The Paranormal Perfect Storm” and it’s kinda stuck… my mom’s side were the “wise women” of East Tx, living off the land, very intuitive, home cures, etc.

My dad’s side comes from German and there is part of a blood line that can be traced back to the “Roma Gypsy”.

When you mix the two sides evidentially…. you get someone like me… I’ve been seeing people right before they die (like they come to say bye) since I was about 7… (of course, the spirit of my ex husband keeps popping in to visit men I”m interested in which kinda drives them away… )

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