UFO Buster Radio News – 380: Theory On Why We Don’t See Aliens, Bullet Found on Mars, and Alien Sex in China

Manny/ June 9, 2020/ From Manny

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Physicist Proposes a Pretty Depressing Explanation For Why We Never See Aliens
Link: https://www.sciencealert.com/physicist-proposes-a-pretty-depressing-explanation-for-why-we-never-see-aliens

The Universe is so unimaginably big, and it’s positively teeming with an almost infinite supply of potentially life-giving worlds. So where the heck is everybody?

At its heart, this is what’s called the Fermi Paradox: the perplexing scientific anomaly that despite there being billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy – let alone outside it – we’ve never encountered any signs of an advanced alien civilisation, and why not?

In 2018, theoretical physicist Alexander Berezin from the National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET) in Russia put forward his own explanation for why we’re seemingly alone in the Universe, proposing what he calls his “First in, last out” solution to the Fermi Paradox.

According to Berezin’s pre-print paper, which hasn’t as yet been reviewed by other scientists, the paradox has a “trivial solution, requiring no controversial assumptions” but may prove “hard to accept, as it predicts a future for our own civilisation that is even worse than extinction”.

The actual “First in, last out” solution Berezin proposes is a grimmer scenario.

“What if the first life that reaches interstellar travel capability necessarily eradicates all competition to fuel its own expansion?” he hypothesises.

As Berezin explains, this doesn’t necessarily mean a highly developed extra-terrestrial civilisation would consciously wipe out other lifeforms – but perhaps “they simply won’t notice, the same way a construction crew demolishes an anthill to build real estate because they lack incentive to protect it”.

No. Because we are probably not the ants, but the future destroyers of the very worlds we’ve been looking for this whole time.

“Assuming the hypothesis above is correct, what does it mean for our future?” Berezin writes.

“The only explanation is the invocation of the anthropic principle. We are the first to arrive at the [interstellar] stage. And, most likely, will be the last to leave.”

War on Mars: Alien hunters make shock claim after discovering ‘BULLET’ on Mars
Link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1291143/alien-war-mars-space-et-bullet-aliens-technology-scott-waring

ALIEN hunters believe they have discovered evidence of an ancient WAR on Mars after finding what they believe to be a discarded bullet.

Extraterrestrials once resided on Mars but went extinct after a planet-wide war – according to a bizarre new claim. Conspiracy theorists are shockingly claiming that a thin rock discovered in NASA images is actually an ancient bullet.

The shock claim was made by prominent UFO enthusiast Scott C Waring, who said Martians destroyed themselves.

Taking to his ET Database blog, Mr Waring said: “What I found was something I didn’t want to find – a bullet.

“This tiny projectile is longer than most bullets but does appear to still be unused. I see the head of the bullet which looks like is make [sic] from a copper alloy.

“The lower part of the projectile is the the case which is quite long. The longer case means it could hold more gunpowder to propel the bullet further.

This Chinese Man Claims to Have Had Sex With an Alien
Link: https://www.thatsmags.com/shanghai/post/14329/tales-from-the-chinese-crypt-alien-sex-in-wuchang

Alien-human sex is not something that’s a common topic of conversation. This is likely for a number of reasons: For one, it’s a bit strange, and two, there is no concrete evidence aliens have visited our planet – let alone get intimate with our species.

This month’s Tales from the Chinese Crypt will recount the story of Meng Zhaoguo – a man from Wuchang, near Harbin in Heilongjiang province, who claims to have engaged sexually with an extraterrestrial.

The tale starts in June 7, 1994 when Zhaoguo was working at a logging camp and spotted lights and metallic flashes from nearby Mount Phoenix. When our humble protagonist went to investigate what he assumed was a downed helicopter, he was hit in the head by an unknown entity or force – knocking him out instantly.

“I thought a helicopter had crashed, so I set out to scavenge for scrap,” Zhaoguo told a reporter from The Huffington Post. “Foom! Something hit me square in the forehead and knocked me out.”

When Zhaoguo came to, he encountered a tall human-esque female alien, which he described as: “10 feet [3.03 meters] tall and had six fingers, but otherwise she looked completely like a human.” Some forms of the story also claim the alien had fur-covered legs.

What allegedly happened next is where the story goes from bizarre to bat-shit insane. According to one version of the story, Zhaoguo was transported back home, where he engaged in a marathon 40-minute sexual encounter with the galactic visitor while hovering above his sleeping wife and daughter.

When the space creature finally finished with the genital rubbing, Zhaoguo was left with a mysterious scar on his thigh – a mark which, when investigated by a doctor in September 2003, was deemed unusual and not caused by normal injury or surgery.

The strangeness doesn’t stop there though, because a month later Zhaoguo claims to have ascended through a wall to visit the aliens on their spaceship. When onboard he requested to see his alien lover one more time, a bid that was denied. While on the spacecraft, Zhaoguo was told that his human-alien hybrid son would be born on a far-away planet in 60 years.

In addition to the medical exam Zhaoguo received in 2003, he was also subject to a polygraph test which, according to some sources, proved he was telling the truth. One of the stranger aspects of this story is the fact that Zhaoguo claims to have never heard of UFOs or outer space people until he reported his experience…

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