UFO Buster Radio News – 410: Boca Chica Making Progress. Paul Begley Loves Planet X, and Mad Mike Hughes

Manny/ September 2, 2020/ From Manny

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SpaceX makes Starship progress, despite test flight delays, Elon Musk says: Report
Link: https://www.space.com/elon-musk-starship-spacex-production-progress.html

SpaceX is “really making progress” with Starship production despite test flight delays, the company’s CEO Elon Musk said Monday (Aug. 31), according to Space News.

“We’re making good progress. The thing that we’re really making progress on with Starship is the production system … A year ago there was almost nothing there and now we’ve got quite a lot of production capability,” Musk said, referring to the company’s expanding facilities at its Boca Chica campus in South Texas, according to Space News. Musk shared these updates yesterday during the Humans to Mars Summit, which is conducted by the advocacy group Explore Mars.

On Aug. 4, SpaceX’s prototype SN5 successfully completed a “hop” test, flying to an altitude of 492 feet (150 meters) and landing on another pad. However, the company’s four previous prototypes were all destroyed in ground tests and its sixth prototype, SN6, never completed a hop test, after the event was scrubbed Aug. 30 for reasons not disclosed.

Now, as Musk announced during the summit, SpaceX is beginning construction on “booster prototype one,” the Super Heavy first stage of the system. He also shared that he expects Starship to make its first uncrewed orbital flight test “probably next year,” according to Space News. However, he didn’t specify if this orbital test would fly just the Starship vehicle or with the addition of this new booster.

“I hope we do a lot of flights. The first ones might not work,” Musk said. “This is uncharted territory. Nobody’s ever made a fully reusable orbital rocket.”

Elon Musk says SpaceX’s Starship rocket will launch ‘hundreds of missions’ before flying people

End of the world: Bible expert claims apocalyptic events will ‘soon’ strike the planet
Link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1329391/End-of-the-world-Bible-prophecy-Nibiru-Planet-X-Wormwood

DOOMSDAY preachers and conspiracy theorists believe end of the world prophecies linked to the mystical planet Nibiru and the Bible are unfolding.

Unfounded claims about the world’s fiery demise have been linked to the Bible’s New Testament by a popular Christian evangelist. Indiana-based preacher and online personality Paul Begley has told his followers in an online video to brace for apocalyptic signs in the heavens and the Earth. The doomsday preacher, who is a prominent purveyor of end times conspiracy theories, linked biblical prophecy to the supposed passage of Planet X or Nibiru.

NASA scientist David Morrison said: “There is no such planet. There never has been, and presumably, there never will be, but it keeps popping up over and over.”

And yet, pastor Begley is one of many doomsday preachers who believe Nibiru is real and will soon reveal itself to the world.

Pastor Begley is the host of The Coming Apocalypse, a weekly show linking modern-day events to passages in the Bible.

He also runs a popular YouTube channel, where more than 337,000 people follow his frequent predictions and prophecy alerts.

“Anytime there’s a space event, it affects the Earth or even the Sun.

“And right now we’ve been dealing with the coming Planet X, Nibiru, planet number nine, Wormwood, the dwarf star, the Goblin.

“Call it what you want to, a binary system that according to Mike from Around the World, of course, has been approaching us for the last seven years, getting closer and closer into sight.

The Daredevil Who Reached for the Stars
Link: https://altaonline.com/mad-mike-hughes-justin-chapman/

I first encountered “Mad” Mike Hughes, a self-taught rocketeer, about a year before his death. He was speaking at the Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles. The then-62-year-old flat-earther had already launched himself nearly 2,000 feet into the sky twice in steam-powered rockets that he’d built himself—and he was planning to do it again.

Hughes was also building a “rockoon”—part rocket, part balloon—to send himself 62.8 miles up to the edge of space, known as the Kármán Line, to “see what shape this planet is” for himself this October. His talk at the Adventurers’ Club, a men’s organization with exotic animal busts and shrunken heads and mastodon tusks on the walls, was part self-promotion and part of his $2.8 million crowdfunding effort for the rockoon launch.

“At one time in this country, we thought anything was possible, but we don’t believe we can do anything anymore,” Hughes told me. “Maybe [this launch] inspires the guy who’s really going to change the world, or the group of people.”

Hughes’s exploits included a Guinness World Record for longest limo jump in 2002, a run for governor of California in 2018, and hosting a Flat Earth conference in Vegas in 2019. He was the subject of a documentary called Rocketman, and he was taking part in an upcoming Science Channel show called Homemade Astronauts. He was also known for his fiercely anti-government views.

He lived a simple life. Stakes said Hughes paid him $323 a month in rent. They bought parts for the rockets as cheaply as they could, from scrap-yards, Craigslist, or eBay. Hughes took a 35 percent cut in his Social Security payments by retiring at age 62 instead of 67. “As a daredevil, I figured I was playing the odds,” he quipped.

Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes poses with one of his steam-powered rockets in 2019. Below: A sequence of photos from the February 22, 2020, launch that led to Hughes’s death in the desert near Barstow, California.

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