UFO Buster Radio News – 411: 1994 West Michigan, Indonesia on Scott C. Waring, and Human- Alien Hybrids…no way!

Manny/ September 7, 2020/ From Manny

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Retired meteorologist shares his account of 1994 West Michigan UFO sightings
Link: https://wwmt.com/news/local/retired-meteorologist-shares-his-account-of-1994-west-michigan-ufo-sightings

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — “They were just moving so fast, and two more started coming into play there. I really had little time to describe where they were before they had moved and jumped again,” said Jack Bushong, a retired meteorologist describing what he saw on radar the night of March 8, 1994.

Bushong spent his career working for the National Weather Service. On the night of March 8, 1994, he was manning the National Weather Service office by himself in Muskegon on a cold but routine night. The NWS no longer has an office or radar there after the government forecasting agency went through modernization and reorganization in the mid-90s.

The phone rang and Bushong answered to find an Ottawa County dispatcher on the other line who had been fielding reports of strange lights in the sky. They called the National Weather Service to see if anything was showing up on weather radar.

It turns out, over 100 people reported witnessing the strange lights in the sky. Cindy Pravda, who lives in Grand Haven, shared her account with News Channel 3 in March of 2019 on the 25th anniversary of one of of Michigan’s most famous UFO sightings.

“You could pretty much use it like a spotlight,” Bushong said when describing the operation of the radar at the time. “I had two cranks to bring it up or down, or side to side. You pretty much sent it out searching for weather: any type of rain, sleet snow; or hail is what we were usually looking for when we took it off of automatic mode.”

Bushong recounts the object first appeared alone on radar returns. “It started as one,” he said. “The object was coasting at about 100 miles per hour.”

He said as he was watching the object, it stopped and started hovering. “And then it shot up, about 5,000 feet, then 10,000 feet I was getting it, just straight up,” Bushong said. “At this point, the police officer was saying that he was seeing the same thing with that same object.”

“It was almost as if, it was like it was saying to me, ‘hey, I know you can see me,'” Bushong said. “Until that one got up to about 30, 40 thousand feet, and finally I saw it.”

Alien Experts Call There Is A UFO Truck In The US
In the amateur video that was shared, a large, disc-shaped, UFO-like foreign object was strapped to the back of the truck.
Link: https://kabar24.bisnis.com/read/20200907/79/1288426/ahli-alien-sebut-ada-truk-mengangkut-ufo-di-as

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA INDONESIA – Conspiracy theorist on alien life, Scott Waring claims that a truck was caught transporting a UFO in the United States.

In the amateur video that was shared, a large, disc-shaped, UFO-like foreign object was strapped to the back of the truck. However, due to the poor quality of the video footage, it was difficult to be certain what the orange object was.

“This is an interesting video of a trailer and a truck that has a little problem with the UFO going too far and losing its balance,” he said.

He was sure that the orange object came from outer space. “Now, UFOs have been transported like this before. Why? Due to the lack of military trucks and police vehicles, “Waring said.

He further mentioned why the object was not flown because no one knew how to drive it. “No one. So moving it to a safe location for testing is important. “It’s 100 percent alien or doesn’t need to be carried anywhere,” said Waring.

Waring added, without providing any evidence, the unknown object was suspected to be taken to the UFO hotspot 51. “Maybe in exchange, maybe a UFO accident in that area, whatever the case, we know it’s headed for a military base, maybe Area 51,” he said.

However, the unidentified flying object was most likely just a collapsed tent in reality.

Experts describe this as an example of pareidolia, the phenomenon of recognizing objects or patterns in unrelated objects.

Pareidolia is a form of apophenia, a generic term for the human tendency to look for patterns in random information.

“Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds or rocks,” said NASA.

Alien-human hybrids are unlikely but not impossible, scientists say
Link: https://thenextweb.com/syndication/2020/09/05/alien-human-hybrids-are-unlikely-but-not-impossible-scientists-say/

Human-alien hybrids fill science fiction stories, and the most famous of these is Mr. Spock from Star Trek — the logical science officer of the starship Enterprise. Seeing such real-life beings born from alien and human parents in the future, however, remains unlikely — but not impossible.

We separate species based on their reproductive compatibility. According to the biological definition of species, two organisms belong to the same species if they can interbreed to produce viable, fertile offspring.

Prezygotic barriers are barriers that prevent different species from mating. We can have:

•Habitat isolation: when two species live in different habitats and are unlikely to encounter one another.
•Temporal isolation: when two species reproduce at different times of the day or year.
•Behavioral isolation: when two species have different mate preferences and may think that the other species is not attractive enough for them.
•Genetic isolation: when the egg and sperm from the two species can’t combine in fertilization.
•Mechanical isolation: when their bodies or reproductive systems are too different, and simply don’t fit together.

Postzygotic barriers
Those are barriers that prevent hybrid zygotes to develop into healthy, fertile adults. Sometimes, the mixture of the genetic material of the two species produces an abnormal genetic conformation in the zygote. The possibilities are:

•The zygote can’t develop, killing off the embryo
•The individual can survive but with significant health issues
•The zygote will develop into a healthy organism that is infertile (e.g. the mule)

Even if we were physically “compatible”, perhaps our genetic material would be different, which would make it impossible to generate offspring. Or, these descendants would be infertile — like mules.

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